ENSL Extras

At ENSL Extra, we've got some extra sites backed up over the year. Here's some useful information about them and their links.

NS Movie Contest


In 2009 ENSL held NS Movie contest thanks to Dracka's efforts! Check the page for details. The infamous Army of Wltrs came from there. There was UWE coverage and even a prize pool!


NS Meeting 2010

Pictures from the meeting are available here. You can also read Bacillus' article.


Old Night Cup pages

Old Night cups are available here.

Most links there don't work anymore but demos, shoutcasts and forums are still available. These new file locations are permanent, and you should use them when linking from external sites.


Nations Cup

Old nations cup 2009 website is accessible at: http://extra.ensl.org/nc/

The nations Cup 2007 website is available at: http://extra.ensl.org/nc/2007/


Old Forums

Old forums full of juvenile humour and vulgar behaviour is available here. You have been warned. Saved for historical purposes.


File Archives

Demo Archive

Whenever HLTV is running it records games, including a million gathers. If you've interested in movie material or just curious, go ahead to here. These demos are automatically zipped. Gather demos will stay there permanently but cup/ensl demos will be moved and archived to normal file archive.

Traditional file archive

Some people have sometimes problems downloading files directly or just don't like the file archive we have. You can access the same archive in old format here: http://extra.ensl.org/static/

Random Files

Here is a directory we've used to share temporarily some random files we don't really want to put up on the normal file archive. It includes the dugi soundboard. Enjoy!

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