Shared championship

Just for the formality, the championship has been shared between Finland and Germany.

- jiriki, Thu 4th October
Nations Cup launches

I'm happy to launch the Nations Cup 2007. Team Australia and Russia are playing a game currently and more is to follow when the official Stage 1 gametime, 18CEST kicks in.

Map section of the rules has been updated. You can play another map of the mapycycle if both teams agree.

Also the allowance of Team Finland for the weekend of May Day is removed.

- jiriki, Sat 21th April at 15:58
Schedules and Brackets announced

Inital brackets and schedules have now been published, but they are ought to change. Team Russia will face Team Australia in the first stage and the match will be played 12CEST, exceptionally to others. This is because Team Australia would be playing games in the midnight otherwise, Russia has asked to have games more earlier before, and Nations Cup should be humane to all teams, not only European ones (like ENSL). Also 5th May and 6th May were added to the list of gamedates, in case teams do "ENSL Prem Finals" or Team Finland has games near May Day which means very likely Team Finland won't be participating. That might sound a bit biased since I'm Finnish but I'm also open to any other similiar national festival days. We wouldn't be arranging games on christmas anyway. You can still contact me or lastly cancel your signup if these won't work for you.

Match dates:

  • Saturday 21st April, 18CEST
  • Sunday 22nd April, 18CEST
  • Saturday 28th April, 18CEST
  • Sunday 29th April, 18CEST
  • Saturday 5th May, 18CEST
  • Sunday 6th May, 18CEST
- jiriki, Fri 20th April at 14:33
Nations Cup Signups open!

Firstly, thanks to Mike doing the graphics and now the new Nations Cup website is open. It's compact and certainly enough for the Nations Cup. Then a pinch of history. The first NS Nations Cup was organized by Clanbase, the next one was the Atlantic Cup, third one the was the Gaming Orb Nations Cup and the most recent one was the NS World Cup organized by psycho. Due the inactive nature of ns some of these have had more or less sucess, and we are hoping this one will be atleast worth mentioning. Moreover, we want it to exciting and fun for both players and spectators.

Secondly, the signups are open. Anyone who considers himself the captain of his nation may post his national team's lienup here, following these instructions. Still discussion of the captainship is encouraged to be held on national channels and in case there's dispute, we will make the decision. Captain decides his team members and we recommend that players outside one clan would be taken when possible.

The matches will be played on these days:

  • Saturday 21st April, 18CEST
  • Sunday 22nd April, 18CEST
  • Saturday 28th April, 18CEST
  • Sunday 29th April, 18CEST

By joining you accept that you should be able to play a match at each of these times. Still its not a maximum, and we encourage teams to play as many matches as they can. Also check more info about the rules on the Rules page.

ps. Thanks to Pizza for info of the cups.

- jiriki, Fri 11th April at 18:47