Week 2

Week two is going to the end, shedule announcement will be avaiable on the page soon. Germany vs USA match will be played this or next week.

We also modified the rules so the maps in the finals are choosed by the teams.

I'd like also to say big thx for Alice_Taylor for hosting the Dallas server for Nation Cup.

- x-man, 9th, May
Nations Cup '09!
Hey there everyone!

I am proud to announce that we started the Nations Cup '09! Singups are closed, groups are announced, and rules should be clear to everyone!
Structure of this nations cup is a bit different from the old ones, but just in case you wouldn't understand it from the brackets, here is a brief description:
The structure is a mix of a group and bracket system, which means that in the first three weeks the group stages takes place, and the top 2 teams gets to the brackets system!

The first week has already started, so go on and schedule ur matches! This week's matches are:
Finland vs Russia, Sweeden vs Belarus, Germany vs USA, United Kingdom vs Latvia and Spain vs France!
For all teams, Good luck, and have fun!

Important: When you have scheduled your matches, contact an admin as soon as possible!

- Voodo, 1st, May