The 16th NightCup Rules

Night Cup will start 30 January at 16:00 CET. Normal [ENSL Rules]( are followed during the match. ### Structure 1. Cup is open for all teams. If you sign up, turn up and follow rules. 2. Cup begins with Stage 1 and continues according to the brackets. 3. Matches must be started as shown in the brackets. ### Maps 1. 1st stage: ns_eclipse & ns_metal (tiebreaker: ns_tanith) 2. 2nd stage: ns_tanith & ns_veil (tiebreaker: ns_origin) 3. Semi-Finals: ns_origin & ns_veil (tiebreaker: ns_orbital_anslv2) 4. Finals: ns_veil & ns_orbital_anslv2 (tiebreaker ns_eclipse, ns_metal, ns_tanith) *If even after first tiebreaker, final tiebreaker maps are played. ### Match Rule 1. Matches should be started as shown on the bracket page 2. Otherwise ENSL Rules Section 5, 6 and 7 are to be followed
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