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Interviewing Peach 06/01/2010 - by huhuh


0 – Introduction


Most of you guys have already heard of Peacham, he is Saunamen's successful leader and Commander. Saunamen have recently won the ENSL's 13th season against U GO?! . Peach has also been in the last 4 teams winning ENSL ( Nine Legends, Gang Bang, Saunamen twice ). I've had the chance to interview this legendary player for the very pleasure of the website for NS1 and NS2 in France, and also for our lovely ENSL website

Here comes the Suomi !


Note : every note I added for some explanations is labelled as [Note : ].




I – General presentation



huhuh : First off, you might want to introduce yourself by giving out your name,age and profession ?

Peacham : My name is Pekka Antinmaa, I'm 22 years old, studying electronics in Tampere university of applied sciences.

huhuh : How long have you been playing NS ? And how did you discover it ?

Peacham : I've been playing NS since late 1.04 [Note : that must be around summer 2003], when I saw my IRL buddy “kenguru” play it in his house, got interested and started playing.

huhuh : How did you come into competitive playing ? Can you tell me a bit about your clan history overall ?

Peacham : Well, at the time “kenguru” was playing in one of the best Finnish clans called Coldspell. I watched a few of their PCWs and got interested in competitive gaming. I started looking for a clan after 2 weeks of playing the game, got into some clans but got bored in the leadership we were having and decided to make my own clan with a couple of Finnish players. The clan was called Suomi Finland Perkele.

After playing a few months with them I got trial to coldspell and got in there. After that I've been in several clans, most were made by me, with almost every time the same people as in the previous one. I've always liked playing with Finnish guys so as to speak my native language, but enjoyed playing with different foreign clans as well.

Some of the clans I've played in: SFP,Coldspell,lucky,Saunamen,NineLegends.

I don't remember all of the clans, too many, too far !

huhuh : Have you been commanding in all of them ?

Peacham : At first I started on the field, but when Coldspell's Commander went inactive I started as the Vice Commander : when our comm wasn't there I would command. Every clan after that I've been the commander.



II – About Natural Selection I



huhuh : Favourite version of NS ? ( it may be subjective )

Peacham : Well, 1.04 had the most clans playing so I'd pick that one for that. 3.0 is good because its equal for Marines and Aliens to win but the skill has gone down from 1.04 times. Back then you had to play more to be good, now it's not the case, you just have the same people as before and make up some weird tactics to surprise your enemy. but overall its 1.04 that is the best to me.

huhuh : what do you mean by "skill has gone down from 1.04 times" ?

Peacham : It isn't the same anymore, no more “aimbotters” like it used to be like 3 Skulks with 1 LMG clip, but the Skulk movement has improved, but there are no more than a handful of people that can actually play good with skulk.

Also, teamplay lacks because of no PCWs

huhuh : But don't you feel that skillwise, since there have been changes of the hitboxes and the addition of free upgrades, the average level could have actually gone up ?

Peacham : Had never thought of it that way but it might have gone up.

huhuh : Can we have a top 5 or 10 aimbotters that you would like to have on the field ? :P

Peacham : perhaps now it would be Fana,Tane,zharp(Mokezi),Enigmatic and wltrs.

huhuh : Now, you mentioned that 3.0 is pretty balanced, do you think there still is some flaws in the balance ? Maybe because of the maps ? And what about the metagame ? According to you what are its biggest flaws if there is any ?

Peacham : Well, now that the Marine game has gone to sitting on nodes and teching up to Jetpacks and holding, the 2nd Hive armor would be nice to have back. But early game if there is a cap its due to the map. There are still some maps I consider as Marinemaps and some as Alienmaps.

huhuh : Could you give a short opinion about the most played maps ? Like ns_Veil, ns_Tanith, ns_Eclipse, ns_Origin ?

Peacham : Veil : definitely Marine. Tanith : equal. Eclipse : Alien. Origin : equal

huhuh : While we're talking about maps : favourite maps to command/play ?

Peacham : Definitely ns_Origin. It has many different options tacticwise to deal with, for both Aliens and Marines. So Origin.

huhuh : Have you tried the Ayumi & Mineshaft remake by Yogi ? And what about Orbital ? Anything to say about these ?

Peacham : The remakes I haven't tried, I kind of liked the old Mineshaft but hated Ayumi, and Orbital is quite good when you learn to know it. I heard the new Ayumi is good though

huhuh : What about scripting and tweaking in NS? Do you think we all should play default.cfg or let anyone do his own config ?

Peacham : the making of a config is an art but I like an almost vanilla NS, apart from some modifications that do not give you that much of an advantage. I was first against scripting but now that I've been playing with pistol script, I don't know how I would do without it. its so slow without pistol script !



III – About Natural Selection 2



huhuh : I bet you must have pre-purchased NS2 already, right ? Have you had a look at the Spark editor yet ? Any thoughts you would like to share ?

Peacham : Yeah I bought it already. Have been waiting for it like a child for Christmas. I hope they make it NS-like and don't spoil it by doing it shit. I hope it brings more fun games and more players than there is now in NS. Haven't looked at the editor yet

huhuh : So you're expecting it to be in the same genre as NS1 ( and so am I ) - what about the released screenshots and lifeforms ? Did you worry after they were published ?

Peacham : Well I've been trying to avoid the concept arts and talks about NS2. I am just waiting for a version to play then I will know if it's good or not.



IV – Community, ENSL Finals, Misceallenous.



huhuh : A special French question : who's your favourite player/team from France ?

Peacham : Player tutu-. Team would be the national team against Finland in Nations Cup Finals. [Note : 2006, Finland versus France. Demos on]

huhuh : Ah, was that match any special ?

Peacham : It was for me at least, we have been celebrating the victory on Ventrilo for like 2 hours or so. The fight they put us through everyround ! It was awesome. Just like last ENSL's season Finals against U GO?!

huhuh ! U GO?! brought up a more interesting match than expected ! Did you feel you might lose the Champion title on this occasion ?

Peacham : Well I felt confident with the team after the Marine rounds but on the Alien side we had so many problems that I kind of hoped those would have gone better to end the finals in 2 maps

huhuh : Nowadays you're generally considered as the best commander left in NS. How do you feel about this ? Who in your opinion could or could have claimed that title in the NS history ?

Peacham : I feel I've been overrated. There are so many good Commanders nowadays, but sometimes I'm glad that they keep me in such a good value for my commanding. I liked evilness style back in the day. Justme was good in bm too. I don t know really who was the best then or now

huhuh : About Alienplay, I remember a few seasons ago Saunamen used to play a lot with DCs first. What happened then ? And who brought up the original idea ?

Peacham : Well I Kind of liked DCs and we had no Fade back when we started to use them so fading with DCs was fun. At least they didn't die so much.




V – Bonus questions



huhuh : AsCommander, Observatory or Arms Lab first ?

Peacham : Arms Lab.

huhuh : Heavy Armour or Jetpack ?

Peacham : Jetpack.

huhuh : ns_Bast or ns_Machina ?

Peacham : Bast. Machina is too much vallanhaamu.

huhuh : So revolving door > revolving elevator ?

Peacham : Elevator.

huhuh : Relocate or not relocate ?

Peacham : Both are fine. Well, if you have to choose : no.

huhuh : ENSL #4 or #5 ?

Peacham : #5.

huhuh : Sieges or Shotguns ?

Peacham : Shotguns.

huhuh : Any reason to make electrified RTs ?

Peacham : To have fun, counter SCs, fuck up people.

huhuh : Last question. How can she slap ?!

Peacham : With a large trout.

huhuh : Nice :p If you want to add a personal message, link to your Facebook profile for the girls or some love for Kuitmo, go on !

Peacham : Kuitmo likes moped cars.

huhuh : :D Well, thank you for your time !

Peacham : Thank you.



huhuh on 08 January 10 18:50



Blank huhuh | Danny Est Gros


8 January 2010, 18:57


Blank jiriki | old people

Wow, nice job. I remember when a player called persikka asked to join Legendaariset back in 2003. Too bad I didnt take him. :D

8 January 2010, 19:39


Blank frG | TROLLS

I bet he wouldn't last a day in UGO ;)

8 January 2010, 20:51


Blank Fana | Archaea

Cool interview. Peach should go watch some 1.04 demos though. It's like watching an ABLE 6v6. :P

9 January 2010, 07:06


Blank Bacillus

Great job huhuh.

Watching Peach managed marine rounds is probably my favourite NS spectating. So many smart thingys happening in them at best.

9 January 2010, 08:33


Blank BerglunD | Snowrollers

i dont like you anymore pekka

9 January 2010, 09:14


Blank Peacham | Saunamen

nope you love me bergi

9 January 2010, 10:47


Blank mu

mm2 noob

9 January 2010, 11:53


Blank mu

peach comm is too clever. too many "tactics" and "strategies"

i miss evilness 100% of the time mass offensive and if youre not pro enough to kill the shit then FUCK YOU, WHY ARE YOU IN THIS CLAN?

9 January 2010, 11:58


Blank d-

hi mu

9 January 2010, 12:03


Blank mu

hi ducks. whens ns2 out?

9 January 2010, 12:22


Blank qin

I didn't make it to Coldspell. I didn't know what cc was in eclipse ;(

9 January 2010, 19:59


Blank qin

By the sound of it, I'd love to see evilness work on an NHL team.

9 January 2010, 22:43


Blank sublime

WOW his favourite map is origin and #5 > #4?! GROUNDBREAKING SHIT YO

10 January 2010, 08:32


Blank enigmatic | 9L

its not a capital E faggot!

10 January 2010, 10:25


Blank jiriki | old people

"it isn't the same anymore, no more “aimbotters” like it used to be like 3 Skulks with 1 LMG clip, but the Skulk movement has improved, but there are no more than a handful of people that can actually play good with skulk."

Ehm, back in da oldschool times DC's were used a lot. Altho hitboxes were as crazy as they get.

Speaking of Coldpsell, their commander Magpie was really the top niceguy.

10 January 2010, 21:17


Blank vallanhaamu | Anonym Anti Anti A.

huhuh : ns_Bast or ns_Machina ?

Peacham : Bast. Machina is too much vallanhaamu.


24 January 2010, 12:16


Blank Hopeanuoli

Some of the clans I've played in: SFP,Coldspell,lucky,Saunamen,NineLegends.


24 January 2010, 20:01


Blank dugi


25 January 2010, 05:08


Blank sublime


25 January 2010, 19:17


Blank GibbZ | 9L

""it isn't the same anymore, no more “aimbotters” like it used to be like 3 Skulks with 1 LMG clip, but the Skulk movement has improved, but there are no more than a handful of people that can actually play good with skulk."

Ehm, back in da oldschool times DC's were used a lot. Altho hitboxes were as crazy as they get.

Speaking of Coldpsell, their commander Magpie was really the top niceguy."

Back in the day, skulks didn't bunnyhop, and when they did, due to the fps bugs/caps, hardly anyone got near full speed. Skulks didnt zwndr either, the adadada movement fucks the hitboxes up beyond recognition and makes it more sporadic to hit. Also free upgrades means skulks actually are stronger early game now. Like, all the 1.04 footage I've seen is really just depressing alien skillwise; fades hardly curve the blind and don't conjoin blinks, lerks sit and spore and don't dodge (different flight model), skulks slower with less bite aim and no wall hop. Ect....

However I am biased aswell as peach is biased.

26 January 2010, 04:14


Blank Tane | HasBeens & NeverWas

I do think Peach is actually speaking about 2.01. For what I remember Suomi Finland Perkele came to Finnish scene when I already played in uRd. That's also reason why Peach is such a noob.

26 January 2010, 05:10


Blank GibbZ | 9L

2.01 wasn't THAT much of a significant improvement either... They made a series of changes that made the game go from marine biased to alien biased. It was only early 3.0 where the game got to a good balance between the two teams, and this is also where I feel, skill rose, also with the introduction of combat. You could also argue that during the 1.04 time, mice/mousepads/headsets and any gaming peripheral (and pc hardware for that matter) were very lowtech and as time progressed, the technology got better and people improved. I mean, going from a ballmouse -> optical is an improvement, then from a low dpi optical -> high dpi optical aswell. Knife, levi and <3 all had some really sick aimers at that point aswell; Imo better then the aimers from 1.04/2.01 genre. Ofc however, I never saw THAT many games from 1.04/2.01, but the ones I did were never "OMG AMAZING AIM", let's face it... back then RaB were a top team... ;)

I maybe missed the legend of Verty, ICE, and co.

26 January 2010, 07:18


Blank huhuh | Danny Est Gros

I do think all this is just too much related to nostalgia. I also miss some stuff from 2.01, especially communitywise ( look at all the frenchies in the 5 first pages of Users on this website... ). But skillwise it is pretty clear to me that it has been going higher and higher, on average. Which is normal.

What I find funny is that for a long time, i had the feeling Aliens were a bit, well, better, in average. Like most teams would win alien rounds but no marine rounds ( alien ties etc ). Mostly because the fast fade would carry because the marines would just no be able to kill him.
However I feel this has changed a few seasons ago, when marines have gotten a LOT better at aiming & especially evading the swipes. This plus the silent BH which took quite a time to develop. Now most of these aspects are owned by any decent player, thus killing a fade may not seem as hard ass it used to.


26 January 2010, 07:55


Blank TrC | Exertus

I dunno about 1.04 but 2.0 skill level(aim and coordination wise) was higher. Although skulks were easier to hit they have more beef since lmg wasnt buffed and hitboxes sucked also fade was imba and nerfed when it came to 3.0. Anyone not playing in decent competitive clan cannot seriously "guess" skill level of currect ver and 2.0.

26 January 2010, 15:20


Blank EisTeeAT

I d say skill level was higher back then cause i dont get rolled as much as in the older days anymore XD !

26 January 2010, 15:43


Blank sublime

I am better than absolutely everyone who has ever, or will ever play this game.

26 January 2010, 18:05


Blank sonder | The Team

We have to ask ourself if thats the right answer Sublime.

26 January 2010, 18:09


Blank aA

sublime ftw! : D

26 January 2010, 18:51

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