NS1 Ladder Rules

Ladder & Scoring

  • Uses ELO rating system
  • Teams start with zero points and cannot have negative points
  • Every played game awards 3 points for both of the teams


Mandatory Challenges:

  • Only lower teams can challenge higher teams for a mandatory match
  • A team can only challenge the same opponent after every second week
  • A team can only challenge opponents with 3 ranks above them for a mandatory match
  • The challenge must be done atleast 5 days (120 hours) before the match time
  • The challenge must be accepted atleast 24 hours before the match time
  • Unless a common date can be found, the match has to be played on the following Sunday 20CE(S)T


Voluntary Challenges:

  • Any team can challenge any other team for a voluntary match
  • The challenge must be created atleast 10 minutes and accepted 5 minutes before the match time


Both challenge types share in common:

  • Challenger can cancel the challenge if it has not been accepted
  • After the challenge has been accepted, the upcoming match can be cancelled only if both teams agree, otherwise forfeits are handed out


The website takes care of most these rules, but teams should be aware of them anyway. More importantly, the ladder uses basic ENSL Rules addition to these rules. Make sure atleast 1 member of your team has read them.

jiriki on 26 September 09 08:05


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