Player Type Test

Let's check which kind of public player you are.


Average Joe

You just have fun. You've played all lifeforms even though you have mastered none and you stay the hell away from the comchair. You make all kinds of mistakes, but hey its a just game, and you don't care. Besides, you've got a nice song playing in the background. Your teammates want to unload all boring jobs such as hive and rt building to you. Teammates hope that its the last time you take the onos or build ocs in the vent, but you know better..


The Proud Clanner

You wear a tag of your clan all the time. You never join a server without it, and try to get your clanmates along too. You like to stack with your friends and annoy all the public admins. You are like a hyena. You are silent when you are alone but in a pack you jeaslouly defend your own. When your team joins, the server drama level takes a whole new leap forward. You are like a team inside your team. And those shotguns and hmgs are reserved only for your guys.


Everyone's Friend

You have played a lot of public. Before you knew better, you liked those long 1.04 forever games. Now you try to build bridges between different different gamers. You co-operate and use the voicecom a lot, sometimes too much. You help the commander, other players generously and don't mind gorging every 2nd round. You are not very good at anything specific but you are still comfortable, whather its the comchair, skulk or fade. Most people like you, expect those that have muted you.


The Rager

You rule and they suck. You use the every opportunity to whine at others. You don't fear to say what you think and use harsh language to get the message across. You eject the comm every 2nd round for the smallest mistake. Rage is your second name and quit is your alias. Your blood heats up to the boiling point if the commander drops a TFAC or the gorge builds a SC. When the warping RajeshDrakbra_34 from Tajikstan kills you, you kindly remind him of his abnormal hit registration. If you are low on armor and the confused new player doesn't understand to weld you, you punch your fist through monitor.


The Angry Commander

You're another short-tempered guy but the chair is your calling. In your game, people don't command you, you command people. You are very talented at expressing your feelings when the guys in the base are humping armory during a pg rush, and you don't save your verbal vocabulary if your rambo dies to the first skulk with the sg. And if you are losing, someone's gotta take the blame, and that's not you! And oh, ejecting is in line with treason and should be punishable by death. On aliens, you micro-manage the game from very start and get frustrated by newbies who are humping 70 res and the fact that better players are not listening you. On either side, there's only one Man and that's you.


Silent Hunter

You like to play alone, with a fakenick preferably. You don't talk to people, people talk to you (in vain of course). You're a good marine and skulk. You know how to fade too. You say something, every 6 months, and then its something damn important. You don't like the comchair either.

jiriki on 15 September 09 15:12



Blank Talis | Quaxy

my "personality" doesnt fit in one particular section, wtf do I do then jiriki!

23 September 2009, 12:14


Blank Zovirax | LobbySitters

Yes, I´m a mixture of different types, but mostly average joe :DD. I do know better

23 September 2009, 12:23


Blank dugi

I fit perfectly in one. GUESS WHICH

23 September 2009, 13:51


Blank Elvisq | Team Four

i can actually fit two ;]

23 September 2009, 14:08


Blank jiriki | old people

split personality - talis you've found your personal schizophrenic!

23 September 2009, 17:11


Blank Keel

Everyone's Friend!

23 September 2009, 21:02


Blank rapsu | Quaxy

wheres my hanska section?????

23 September 2009, 22:41


Blank gobot | Stray Dogs

I am definetly a mix of A Rager and an Angry Commander :D:D

8 October 2009, 19:52


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots


8 October 2009, 21:51


Blank Logan | The Sproggalots


8 October 2009, 21:51


Blank phil | Flatline-Ns

i own and call nibzes nibz

18 October 2009, 17:55


Blank phil | Flatline-Ns


18 October 2009, 17:56


Blank ZiGGY

you missed "God Incarnate" gtfo :o

19 October 2009, 21:28


Blank dugi

You also missed humor deliverer.

20 October 2009, 01:27


Blank d-

Doogie fits the rager PERFECTLY.

20 October 2009, 03:41


Blank TrC | Exertus

:> found mine

23 October 2009, 02:19


Blank EisTeeAT

and i always thought only thing fitting for doogi is DIEING LONELY AND FRUSTRATED !

2 November 2009, 03:33


Blank sambb

silent hunter, definately! heh

20 June 2010, 14:19


Blank oma

This is missing the "Proud Oldschooler" who never accepts the gameplay changes of new versions nor do he accept those newschoolers who have not played since beginning.

20 July 2010, 17:35

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