NS1 Gather Guide

Natural Selection pick-up games, 6vs6.

Saturday or Sunday 18-20 CET. Sometimes on weekday evenings too.

How to get NS1:
1. Install Half-Life from Steam, assuming you have it purchased (10-20e)
2. Get NS1: https://github.com/ENSL/NS#downloads
3. Restart steam and Just start game from library.

How to play in pickup-games:
1. Register on ENSL website.
2. Sign up at: https://www.ensl.org/gathers/latest/ns1 (Click to join)
3. Install Teamspeak from here
4. Join teamspeak and ns1 server when game starts.

There is also discord group for notifications, general help and chit-chat:

If you have any problems with the game or website, ask on discord. Quickest way to get some help.

Teamspeak 3
Server: ensl.org
Channel password: europe

NS1 Server
Sputnik UK:

Steam group:
There is also steam group for notifications:

If the game doesn't work, check help here.
jiriki on 24 November 19 19:15


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