Week 7 Predicitons

Week 7 predictions - By Skyice

What a season eh guys?

With the merging of international divisions, folding of well established teams and aquisistion of top level players by lower level teams- the scene has definatly had a shake up.

Its hard to tell who will come in on top of each division simply by looking at the current table as most teams have plenty of catch up matches. One thing is for sure though- the not so appropriatly titled "european league" has serious a 'high skilled immigrant' problem. Lets hope that once theyve taken our gold trophies, they will spare our wives...

Its hard to work out who has actually played and who has just taken a draw by default. So flame me if you think im wrong, but heres my list of the games to watch..

Premiere Division

Snails v Godar 

We all know the Snails are no stranger to victory, and we were all lucky enough to see their pretty little faces at the euopean opens. However, after getting taken down a peg by Saunamen right at the start of the season, they certainly have to perfrom well against the mighty Godar to hold on to their legendary status.

This is defiantly not one to miss so keep an eye out for the stream and grab some popcorn!

Division 1

Radical v Hard.Day!

Radical can smell the gold, but they have a Hard day ahead if they want to taste it - get it? Hard.day has had a shocker this season, its been a tough group but with alot of the old school players in their roster im sure they would have hoped for better results. They are the last obsticle in Radicals flawless victory over Div 1 and ill be very suprised if they make it easy for them.

Expect extreme tactics, base rushes and most of all- exciting game play. Date and time TBC, dont miss it!


Division 2

Flash v onFire

With the two top teams in group A 50 shades and Scurvy battling it out to a draw, the focus turns to group B.

Without ruling out the consistent threat of an Austrailian invasion by RaZe, onFire have stepped up their game and look to be on top form to take on the undeafeated Flash. This, however, will be no easy task as Flash boasts a brand new legendary line up in season 3.

Its hard to believe this is a div 2 match looking at both sides rosters and you can expect nothing less than excelence.


Danny on 18 October 13 22:17



Blank Smaragor

if u gonna predict put some numbers in there :P

19 October 2013, 00:01


Blank skyice | Div2orDisband

haha, this is actually unfinished. I sent the draft without proof reading and they uploaded it :p - ill update it when i can. Scores and and div 3 / 4 write ups to come!

19 October 2013, 10:04

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