Season 3 Week 1 Streaming Schedule

Sunday 08-09-2013

20.00 CEST Exertus vs Titus by WasabiOne

20.30 CEST HBZ vs TAW♥ by soz

22.30 CEST Helix vs Lucky Fkers by Vindalo0

Monday 09-09-2013

21.00 CEST Packet loss vs Virtual Selection by Blame and Bladou in french

Tuesday 10-09-2013

22.30 CEST FIGHT CLAN vs Renegade 2 by RedDog and Ikard and Bladou in french

Wednesday 11-09-2013

21.00 CEST Gorge Busters vs el'pheer by Ikard and Bladou in french

Thursday 12-09-2013


Friday 13-09-2013

03.00 CEST Singularity vs priori by RedDog

19.30 CEST Saunamen vs Legendary Snails by RedDog and blind part 1 and part 2 and Ikard and Bladou in french

Saturday 14-09-2013

15.00 CEST onFire vs o Victory by SammyG

21.00 CEST Singularity vs vetus by Ossified (Week 2 game)

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