Summer Cup Rules

1 - General info

  1. These rules are specific to the Summer Cup of the ENSL on NS2.
  2. General rules apply, just as for any contest of the ENSL.
  3. The cup is scheduled to start on the 9th of August 2013, and end the 18th of August 2013.
  4. Teams will be divided into groups based on region and level. Each group plays the cup isolated from the other groups. The top two teams from each group will go directly to a final match of that group.

2 - Structure

2.a - Group play

  1. Each team of each group will play against every team of its group, scheduling the games between the 9th of August and the 17th of August, the finals is at the 18th.
  2. Every match, two maps will be chosen. The matches will have to be played on these two maps, in the given order. In a match TeamA vs TeamB, as shown on the site. TeamA start playing as Marines.
  3. Winning one round will earn your team one point. You can earn up to 4 points in a match.
  4. In case of a tie on points between teams in a group for the top 2 places, it needs to be decided who has upper placement by following order: a) Results in direct comparison b) "Best of 1 map" tie breaker match. Which are played similar to the finals and 3rd deciders(see 2.b.4 - Final phases), starting with a coinflip.
  5. Note that the admins can punish your team by reducing your number of points if rules were to be violated by your team or your team members.

2.b - Finals

  1. The top 2 teams of each group will make it into a final match of that group.
  2. The finals are played as "Best of 3" maps, which means first team to win 2 full maps(both alien and marine rounds), wins the match. In case of a tie once the 3 full maps are over, you simply play another map until the match is decided. In these matches there will be a coinflip to decide the coinflip winners, the 'coinflip winner' will decide either a map OR race(alien/marine), while the 'coinflip loser' gets the other pick. The races switch every round, even across several maps. Every map is played twice so both teams play every race once per map. The choice of map switches from team to team every map, regardless of who picked the first map. Each map of the mappool can only be picked once, unless the entire mappool have been played. The same map can't be picked twice in a row in case the entire mappool have been played.

2.c - Matches

  1. Once you know your opponents, contact them as soon as possible to set up the match.
  2. If you cannot arrange a date and time with the opposing team, the default match time is set on the match page.
  3. For communication use the comment function on the specific match page. You can find the links on each week's news post. Both teams must confirm time and day of matches in the comments, even if they those not to use it as a communication platform! It is needed for admins, referees and casters.

3. Maps

  1. The following maps are in the mappool: ns2_nsl_summit (ModID: 735cebc), ns2_nsl_tram (ModID: 7741098), ns2_nsl_veil (ModID: 78ac3ed), ns2_nsl_descent (ModID: 7d527cc), ns2_nsl_jambi (ModID: 9d2eabc)

4. Servers

  1. Teams have to agree on a correct server for their matches.
  2. Don't forget that the servers must have the ENSL-enforced modifications else the match may be discarded.
  3. If possible, try to use the ENSL Official Servers instead of a clan's server, that way you can be certain about the server settings.
  4. Server location must be in the regional area of the league, unless both teams agree to play on a server outside of the region.
  5. Server interpolation must NEVER be customized. This can result in a forfeit loss on the server owners.
  6. NS2Stats (ModID: 5fd7a38) must be installed on the server.
  7. No close spawns mod (ModID: 73ca53d) must be installed on the server.
    This mod prevents close spawns. On ns2_triad it also excludes the east/west tech points for marines as starting location, which means that both teams spawn randomly in north/south tech points. On ns2_icarus, ns2_nsl_descent and ns2_nsl_summit, there are random "cross spawns" for all (North/West/East/South) tech points. On ns2_nsl_tram the option for Warehouse vs Server Room have been removed.
  8. Balance Mod for NSL Summer Cup (ModID: a016ca3) must be installed on the server.
  9. Server consistency checking have to look like this:

    "check": [ "game_setup.xml", "*.lua", "*.screenfx", "*.surface_shader", "*.fxh", "*.render_setup", "*.shader_template", "*.fsb", "*.dds", "*.model", "*.material", "*.level", "*.cinematic", "*.fx" ]

    "ignore": [ "", "", "", "", "descent_wall_02_a.material", "descent_floor_01_a.material", "Blur.fx", "", "", "", "", "", "","", "", "", "", "", "" ]

  10. PROTIP: How to set your server up.

5. Joining a team

  1. You can change your team's line-up throughout the whole season.
  2. After the signups close, new members to the team have a one league-week waiting period before they can play for your team. Join date and default times are taken into account. This rule is to prevent abusive clan-jumping. As an exception; new players can join a team during the first week without the waiting period, as long as they weren't signed up for another team in the season. The waiting period can be overruled by the substitutes rules, see section 6 below.

6. Substitutes

  1. A team may use up to two substitutes for a given match (as many rounds as necessary)
  2. Subs should be of inferior or roughly equal skill level to the members of the team he will play with.
  3. As a consequence, if the sub is member of another ENSL team, his team must be in the same division or in a division below the team's division.
  4. In the case of North American subs for European teams or of European subs for North American teams, there is no specific rules. However, the other team can always refuse specific players for the reason above.
  5. Subs are allowed only if the other team agrees on the players substituting.
  6. Substitutes must be registered on the ENSL website.
  7. ENSL would like to remind teams that it is more fun and challenging to beat a 6-man team than a 5 or a 4-man team, and that you should allow substitutes as long as they seem fair.

7. During the match

  1. Don't forget to be on time! You may receive a forfeit loss if your players are too late and the other team has its players.
  2. Players must use the same nickname ingame as on the ENSL website. Using your team's tag is also mandatory.
  3. All players need to record their matches, and keep the demo for at least one week.
  4. If a player can not provide his demo one week after the request by ENSL admins, he will get a punishment.
  5. Alt+Tab breaks recordings, so if you Alt+Tab during a match, you have to disconnect, "stop" your demo in console, and start a new demo.
  6. PROTIP: How to record a demo

8. Punishments

  1. Major exploits : Match loss, depending on the case.
  2. Racism, excessive swearing, insults : after warnings, if the player does not change his behaviour, a 1-week ban will be enforced. Repeated offenses will call for longer bans.
  3. Cheating : 1-year ban

9. Prohibited known exploits

  1. Huge speed boost from the vents as skulk.
  2. Enabling silent mode as a Marine thanks to a ladder.
  3. Placing buildings where it should not be possible (like walls for marine buildings).
  4. Full speed during cloak bug.
  5. Placing gorge tunnels in vents.
  6. Macros or scripts, for example to fire pistol faster.

10. Prohibited client modifications

  1. Any modification giving an unfair advantage, ex.: model-changing, colour-changing, etc.
  2. ONLY custom crosshairs, transparent maps/map colour changes are allowed.

11. Referees and Shoutcasters

  1. Any referee or shoutcaster attending for a match MUST be registred on the ENSL site as such.
  2. If there is a shoutcaster or referee present at your match that is not registred on the ENSL site, or someone else that does not belong there, you should report it immediately to the admins.


All the above rules may change during the season at League Admin's discretion.

swalk on 04 August 13 23:59



Blank Smaragor

are the examples in "9. Prohibited known exploits" all "major explotits" that have to be avoided or are there more since yeeaahh the game is pretty buggy... or has some features one might interpret as bugs

5 August 2013, 23:28


Blank Yaluzan | Admin Abuse

I thought 9.1 and 9.2 were fixed because of the new movement.

7 August 2013, 14:10

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