Season 2 Week 9 Semifinals


Division 1

Godar/Archaea tiebreaker loser vs miau

Godar/Archaea tiebreaker winner vs saunamen

Division 2

RadicaL/! tiebreaker loser vs Quoth Gaming

RadicaL/! tiebreaker winner vs Unchain the Wolves

Division 3

Original Gorges vs Renegade

RadicaL2 vs el'pheer

North America

Division 1

Nexzil vs All-In

Breakfast Klub vs Damage Networks

Division 2

AtroX/DTPN tiebreaker winner vs Team 156

AtroX/DTPN tiebreaker loser vs CiB

Division 3

Next Level Gaming vs xoverzero

National Gamers vs Flying Chipmunks

Division 4

dysgorge vs Silvermoon

nuReign.K vs Man Up


Division 1

Missing too many matches to tell. The following teams has a chance of being in the semifinals or already secured it:

Seraphic Nexus #1, Serious Business, [ ], nova, Seraphatic Nexus #2

swalk on 03 May 13 17:40


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