Current seedings

This article have the current seedings of all the teams playing in/signed up for the league. This will get updated when:

  • The season is concluded and we have final placements of all teams from the season.
  • Teams play up/down matches across the divisions of the previous season.
  • New teams of the league play seeding matches so they can get placed in the correct division. You will have to tie or win against an already seeded team to aquire a seeding in this case.
  • Cups with similar signup criteria as the season ends. You will have to tie or win against an already seeded team to aquire a seeding in this case.
  • The season signups close. the teams that are not signed up will be considered disbanded and have their seeding removed.

New teams without a seeding will display as "Unseeded" and will be considered sharing the lowest seed of the region. Who gets the upper placement between the "Unseeded" teams is completely random. We encourage everyone to play seeding matches (see section 2.d), even if you feel like you belong in the lowest division of your region. You might be wrong about your own level. The season can feel really long if you're in the wrong division.

Once the signups for the next season opens, teams that played in the previous season, but not (yet) signed up for the next season will be [marked]. If they are not signed up when the signups close for the next season, their seeding will be removed. If a team have had their seeding removed, they will have to play a seeding match to get a new seeding. For example, if your team skip one season and then reform for the next one.

The lines show where the divisions of the season are split.

We might use these seedings to decide groups in other contests than the seasons.




-------------------------------------Premiere Division-------------------------------------
1 - Archaea
2 - Legendary Snails
3 - Saunamen
4 - Breakfast Klub
5 - Titus
6 - Damage Networks
7 - Quaxy
8 - Exertus
-------------------------------------Division 1-------------------------------------
9 - duplex
10 - vetus
11 -
12 - RadicaL
13 - priori
14 - Seraphic Nexus #1
15 - nuReign.K
16 - Singularity
-------------------------------------Division 2-------------------------------------
17 - Scurvy
18 - dysgorge
19 - o Victory
20 - Team Work & Tactics
21 - WongaNS
22 - onFire
23 - Pathogen
24 - Original gorges
25 - Seraphic Nexus #2
26 - RaZe
27 - Virtual Selection
28 - Ascension
29 - RAGE
30 - Packet loss
-------------------------------------Division 3-------------------------------------
31 - el'pheer
32 - Next Level Gaming
33 - Renegade
34 - TAW♥
35 - HBZ
36 - Evolved Ones
37 - Maximum Damage
38 - Gorge Busters
39 - Vexta
40 - Waka Waka
41 - Silvermoon
42 - Renegade 2
44 - OMNOM
-------------------------------------Division 4-------------------------------------
45 - [karvalakki]
46 - Lucky Fkers
47 - Helix
48 - überProüt
49 - iFixit
50 - BOX
51 - Lethargic Zebras
52 -
53 -
54 -
55 -
56 -
57 -
58 -
59 -
60 -
61 -
62 -
63 -

swalk on 28 February 13 07:10



Blank Rich_ | Sled Team One

38th place baby! HELIX 2012!

30 August 2013, 04:41


Blank tealc | The Binguses

Looks like a stompfest. guess ill skip this season

30 August 2013, 06:04


Blank swalk | Xeon

traps afraid of losing to teams with lower seeding

30 August 2013, 14:58


Blank vartija | KelaKorvausKöyhille

Playing muricans AND div2 noobs? skip.

30 August 2013, 15:58


Blank ritual | The Boys

Lol div 2 noobs? xD You guys actually have some tough competition in that division...

30 August 2013, 21:45


Blank ritual | The Boys


30 August 2013, 21:46


Blank tagwolf | FolsomPrison

I think Vetus is mad they didn't seed for Div 1?

Good luck to everyone this season!

31 August 2013, 00:50


Blank bLink

We're trying to get Div 1.

31 August 2013, 06:27


Blank Aioros

radical priori will beat vetus

31 August 2013, 10:27


Blank vartija | KelaKorvausKöyhille

If I take your word for that and expect 2 teams out of 15 being able to compete with us, it's still not worth playing.

31 August 2013, 13:00


Blank swalk | Xeon

I manually seeded Unseeded teams and changed the division splits according to number of signups. That makes "div 2"(actually div 1, since previous div 1 will be named Premiere Divsion) half the size. There are some teams in there that haven't played for a long time and might be replaced with Scurvy/oVictory. It should be a tough division even if it isn't the top division, hope that works out for you guys. It's obviously not possible to make everyone happy, the division splits have to be somewhere.

31 August 2013, 18:26


Blank narf

Looks not too bad, no complaints here

I see a lot of forfeits due to timezone issues. But it is what it is at this point in ns2.

1 September 2013, 05:49


Blank mirrom | Sled Team One

why friendly fire is on? aliens have melee all the time except spikes and spits therefore the aliens always in closest range with marine. AND it will be 9/10 all the time the marines are always gonna hit their own teammate

And today i saw a skulk killed its teammate while biting a resource tower

1 September 2013, 07:35


Blank swalk | Xeon

It takes practice to learn not to kill your teammates.

1 September 2013, 12:22


Blank Cognito | Team Work & Tactics

Is friendly fire on for this season then? Sorry if I have missed this announcement somewhere (I know the possibility was discussed a while back).

Will it be full damage?

Anyway, I think that sort of change deserves a big warning as people will need a lot of practice with it!

Oh and I would also add that from my perspective the seedings for Div 2 look nice and much closer than before.

1 September 2013, 18:54


Blank swalk | Xeon

0.33% damage. Take a look at the (E)NSL Mod thread on the forums.

1 September 2013, 19:29


Blank carnage | High Expectations

rip #bklub

1 September 2013, 19:35


Blank Cognito | Team Work & Tactics

Swalk, I read that thread. It was not clear that those numbers were anything other than suggestions from Dragon. I really think that you MUST publicise this properly so people know to start practicing with this on. The TWAT guys are pretty active here, and read a lot, and this is a complete surprise to us.

1 September 2013, 20:13


Blank TheKarva | [karvalakki]

pls put karvalakki down to div 3. we got roflstomped last season and we have not had a single game all summer.

1 September 2013, 21:21


Blank Fana | Archaea

Incorrect seedings wouldn't be a problem if we used the swiss system.

1 September 2013, 23:09


Blank Kaneh

can we get an idea of when default match times are going to be? i don't want another one of this friday newspost and <2 day notice crap.

Just post rules and stuff (how are servers going to work?) with like at least a week notice so we don't have massive argument that delay the start of the season. Even if its not final, at least we get an idea of what to expect

2 September 2013, 03:19


Blank mirrom | Sled Team One

"It takes practice to learn not to kill your teammates."

That is the most responsible explanation reply that i ever had that make me calm down with ease


2 September 2013, 03:58


Blank swalk | Xeon

Kaneh, the default times will be the old EU default times. 20 CET. There will have to be flexibility with scheduling the matches though.
The rules have been updated(it has been here the entire time), and on top of that it's liked to in one of the recent newsposts.

2 September 2013, 06:42


Blank Sam | one brit too many

Question: Why the friendly fire? Is it really needed? Personally I am quite happy with where aliens and marines are at and I think the FF could potentially ruin the game.

2 September 2013, 23:16


Blank Bonkers | Team Work & Tactics

I was worried about FF at 1st - but when you see that it takes 3 full sgs to the face of a marine with level 3 weapons to kill him its not really a big thing. I did see someone accidentally shoot down an obs though in game - but I don't think it will make a major difference to anything.

3 September 2013, 00:53


Blank Niitze | I'm disappointing

With FF flamethrowers and GLs go from unviable to DONTEVENTHINKABOUTIT.

3 September 2013, 15:55


Blank jewbear

I used a GL in a scrim last night w/ friendly fire just fine.

Good change imo.

3 September 2013, 17:40


Blank Decoy

Flamethrowers and GLs don't do FF damage. That was one of my concerns, too, so I checked with Dragon on it.

3 September 2013, 23:12


Blank blarneystone

Well said, tenderloin

4 September 2013, 08:11


Blank king_yo

GLs and Flamethrower are the 2 weapons where I would have wanted the FF the most, besides mines and nades, the rest is irrelevant.

4 September 2013, 21:10

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