Password Reset

Password Reset

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Password reset function is not working properly at the moment.

If you want to recover your account, please raise a ticket here:

Please provide the name of the account you are trying to reset password for and the e-mail assigned to that user.

We can't send password to new e-mail that is not assigned to that account.

In that case, contact me (bHack) via Steam and I will be able to validate your steamid and reset your password.


Thank you.

bHack on 14 November 12 11:16



Blank DeadWind | squzkvxz


14 October 2013, 01:58


Blank Spring | Snoofed

Since people are either unable or lack access to edit this page:
There is no reason to message bHack.
Make sure you use . Add your account name and email to this ticket and people will get back to you. It might also be worth noting that the people getting back to you might not have an official ensl mail in case you ignore them.

If people dont get back to you then you can yell at them over discord. It's actually encouraged so the gods understand that there aren't just one or two people who are unable to reset their passwords.

As a side note, if you are already logged in on any device, you can change password without remembering your old one.

4 October 2017, 07:40

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