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First of all thanks to all who answered and read the poll.

Some of the questions proofed somewhat difficult as they required knowledge of simple tactics and situations where readers had to deduct somewhat vague timings such as early / mid / late game. Regardless answers were very much similar and it did not proof as difficult as I would have thought. Some of the questions may have sounded very situational at first glance but with closer inspection of spelling / situation they were easily solved by many. A thing that many also fell into was making up own conditions or confused simply by misreading the question.

Correct Line 1E/2D/3E/4E/5A/6B/7E/8B/9C/10D/11A/12B/13E/14B/15C/16C/17A/18C/19D/20B

1. Hive Build time

Correct answer is E - 180sec

3 min hive build time is good to know as it helps with decision like whether to wait or attack and when to gestate for new chambers if it is under too much pressure. Usually someone calls it in competitive games in public you just have to aware of it unless theres a plugin to tell you it.

2. Alien lifeform rest cost from lowest to highest.

Correct answer is D - 0/10/30/50/75

Another simple thing people should know, there was a time when skulking and upgrades cost 2 res and onos was 100 if it deceived you.

3. Damage of skulks first hive ability

Correct answer is E/A - Depends on marine armor level/10

String of easy questions continues skulks first hive ability is parasite not bite as bite does not require a hive and it does 10 Damage per shot however 1 armor equals 2 damage but if the last damage of 10 should hit armor it does not count as it is 2, it will be added next time damage is applied in otherwords damage is 9/11/9/11 with 4 parasites. Point was to tell difference between hive ability and non-hive ability thus A/E is correct.

4. Most cost/effective use for OCS

Correct answer is E - None above

First one I consider medium difficulty, A) building OC's to the main hive is not cost effective especially since we are looking for the most cost effective solution. Main hive has healing capabilities and constant resupply of units. B) Planning OC's to the Resource towers has been fiddled with a lot in competitive pcws but it has not become popular in early states because it is very cost ineffective unless the gorge stays and recaps. The resources are better spent for other RT and skulking for addiotional backup and it forces marine team to split or move more. C) Hallway block is viable way for slowing down marine movement but if placed randomly marines are able to skip the ocs. It is popular to block hallway that is usually the siege spot for second hive to slow down sieges but complete denial (mass OCS) is not cost effective as marines can just waltz in to the hive. D) When you start OC'ing marines natural res the game is probably long over it is not cost effective either as the res are better used for lifeforms. Correct answer E) - None above is second hive while its growing. Needless to say hive does not heal and it is very fragile when it is building. OC's do not only deny good positioning in the hive (better sporing damage) but also serve as small damage support late game when JP's may enter. If all lifeforms are still alive OC's often force marine team either to retreat (recap) or siege which is lot more costly than shotgun rushing a hive. OC's effectiveness by itself dimishes as the player count gets higher and you can only bring out its full potential with lerk and skulks around this is why it shoud be consired "situational building" whether it means defending main hive from SG rush, rt's early game, or second / future hives. Second hive is a important milestone for aliens and it brings out most potential of OC's this is why I consider it most cost effective use. 

5. Best building to take out when baserushing early/late game

Correct answer is A - Observatory/Armslab

Second one I consider medium difficulty, thing that makes difficult first you do not need to complicate things nothing is mentioned so base is empty no one death, comm is in chair, there are multiple aliens in base and everything is in order. Second you have to be aware of tactics in early game you usually go for ip armory -> obs/armslab rarely you drop both but research off neither (or skip RTS). Third you have to think both early and end game for example A) Observatory/Armslab which is the correct answer if marines started with observatory first, they are likely to research PG's or Motiontracking soon taking it down early game would be huge. Late game taking armslab gives fades absolute power to the end the game if it will not be rebuild. The other correct answer would have been Armslab/Armslab if marines went arms first. Option B) Armslab/Observatory would have been partially correct if armslab was first hoewever rushing for observatory lategame is not optimal because it is very likely that there is another on the field or it can be dropped and build up easily most likely get few lifeforms in the process. Option C) Command Console/Armslab is also partially correct however taking down CC in early rushes happens in only silly SC cloak rushes when comm fails hard. D) Armory/Observatory taking down armory can be a correct answer if it is updating however it isnt mentioned thus you should expect it is a regular and even if not taking out observatory in late game is wrong. There are tactics that include very fast advanvanced armory like JP rush before second hive and multiweapon rush by Quaxy Gayming but they are not that widely used. Obs/Obs is explained earlier. Things that I also took into consideration, was the cost of the buildings and tech early it is most likely that comm will be researching motion tech instead of PG's because of the hardness of keeping PGs without upgrades. Late game is very much more likely that the armslab is upgrading than the obs because entering lategame without PG's is almost unheard of. Loss of armslab in lategame is much more devastion than the res cost of obs+motion if it isnt researched already. It is also more logical that there is a second obs on the map than armslab usually to spot SC hives/activity near PG or SC in general "Silent beacon" in itself maybe worth it.

6. NS1 has a command that allows leap, blink and reload in single button, what is it called?

Correct answer is B - +movement

+movement is a simple command added by (Flayra?)to ease fading/leaping default hotkey'd in R but most used in mouse2, still amazed some people call it a cheat. You bind it with command "Bind MOUSE2(or other key) +movement" in console.

7. Cloak (upgrade) does not dissappear if 

Correct answer is E - None above are entirely correct

A) Moving can be anything bunnyhobbing to walking, B) getting hit removes the cloack as  C) does attacking. D) Walking does cancel cloack if you strafe up or down so it is incorrect, E) correct way is to either strafe or move forward/backwards (Not together).

8. 6v6 game has started 4 of your mates have gone to spawncamp, what do you build first?

Correct answer is B - Armory

A) There is no need to build IP first because it is very unlikely that anyone has died before you get the first tech up (arms / obs). B) Armory first is much easier for comm that he can get tech on going before real engagements begin (listening movements RTs etc), player count or public/competitive does not really matter since the game has started moment ago point is that you are alone in the base. C) Needless to say but armslab first does not work without armory up.

9. You manage to get to the hive spawn camp initiated with 4 lmgs no aliens alive, what is the most effective way to get the hive down.

Correct answer is C -  Shoot the spawning skulk and empty rest of the clip to the hive (Interval is enough to reload before next pop)

Shooting the hive as soon as possible does not work it has too much HP with lmg DPS and risk of skulk escaping and morphing something that can clear out the hive is relatively high. While shooting the skulks until they F4 is very effective way to end the game it is not what was asked. Taking good positions gives the same result as there is no mention of actually shooting the hive. Clumping up is generally bad, keeping distance and correct angles so that skulk cannot get behind marine fire. AKA positioning.

10. What is biggest disadvantage of fast motion

Correct answer is D - Late armor upgrade

A) Base defence (minimal!?) is not issue obs provides commander vision, allows distress (if motion cancelled). Best early defence is mines and correct building placement if thats what you wondered. Slow research is not as slow and one might think. if I recall correctly researchtime is 105 secs and you start it almost right away as the game starts. Motion usually finishes around 3-5min pressure team/s usually enough keep the aliens busy incase of baserush mines are extmemely handy as they deny reckless biting and allow marines to easily pick off stationary biting skulks. Even if the marine was to fail horrible, mines(usually 3) on the ip make it very difficult for skulks to eat the ip while killing the marine, theres always chance of commander hobbing out aswell. Early upgrades are not as effective against skulks as they are all-a-round for example weapon upgrade level one kills skulks in 3-4 LMG hits faster 3/50 bullets is not really that big of deal. Armor upgrade on the other hand gives marine one more bite to survive from skulks however it is only one time unless armor is welded. When taking marine out of suprise or while he is distracted landing 2 or 3 bites does not really matter as it is as easy. The real danger is the fades since they are much sturdier and can move in easier and they do not require element of surprise as much as skulk. Fade against no armor marines can be very overpowering and shift mapcontrol very easily  this combined with lerk spores and heavy rt biting it is a game ender worst case scenario. Arguing that fast MT does not have down side is not going to get you far as everything has up and downs, even if it is most used strat.

11. What is Bunnyhob?

Correct answer is A - Skillbased movement system

While bunnyhob can be consired engine exploit it is most definetly not only for so called elitists, ups and downs of this system has been discussed enough and I'm not going to repeat them. Bunnyhob can be achieved by bunnyhob script which executes most commonly 3 jumps with one key click to ease timing of the jumps, this is called a bunnyhobscript not bunnyhob itself which is skillbased movement system every class except lerk can gain from. Wigglejump on the other hand is a script that forces "wallwalk" to move faster as a marine at expensive dizzyness, it is banned from competitions.  

12. The game is in early middle stages you spawn (after dieing) where do you head if your commander does not give you orders?

Correct answer is B - The side your resource towers are on (Need to keep them safe)

Third that can be consired somewhat difficult, things we can rule out instantly are doing nothing (D) chances are low that you are needed in base early mid game means there is no fade yet soloing is still possible, first attempt to take down res either failed or succeeded but you died in progress. Going after closest teammate does not necessery mean he is in the right place or the situation has changed since he left infact if you want to be "detail freak" closest teammate to you when you spawn is commander. While the correct "universal" answer to this look minimap and use your head in this scenario you need to think of most common situation and choose one of the 5 options you are offered. If it really did not matter what you do the game was either already over or you might aswell stuck yourself out of closest window and open your favorite adult site. Leaving the hive sight maybe momentarily faster way to reach your teammates but at expense of leaving your own resource towers at higher risk. Early mid game is the time aliens have a last chance to really waver marine resource game. It is also usually faster for the RT guy on the other side to join the assaulting team than leaving from the base not to mention the RT coverer changing usually from parasited to unparasited one. Main hive pressure is difficult as long as lerk is alive and even if the lerk dies someone is very likely to have enough res for another.

13. When ambushing in group most effective way to initiate is?

Correct answer is E - Whoever gets "surekill" attacks first

When ambushing alone or in a group it is important to know whom to attack but even more important (in group) who attacks. Generally it is more effective to attack from behind than front because they are less likely to face you but this is not definetly the correct way. Theres no reason to expect marines act stupidly by leaving back, front or side completely exposed usually distraction is necessery and the truely best way to ambush is someone to make advantage of that or simply mistake of opponent positioning. Reasoning is that when someone is taken by surprise other have to adjust either by turning or backing up this opens a window for others as opposed to the popular "All attack at once (1,2,3 GOGO!11)" where often someone messes up the timing either resulting to skulks going in one by one or simple situation where none of the marines have to turn or change position needless to say marines have the advantage in this case. Chuckle is not viable distraction because it is voluntery action, you are better of faking footsteps or fake retreat to cheat first guy into not checking the corner or something like that.

14. What is baiting?

Correct answer is B - Teamwork in its simpliest form

A) Like S&M? Not quite but sexier. C) Running in and taking damage could be one way however when baiting point is only to distract and take as less damage as possible, there are lot of other ways to distract, TANKING would be more appropriate word for Running in and taking damage. D) Wtf is Gorge's hook ability? E) I dont know other word for correct timing when attacking than timing but it most certainly aint baiting.

15. When group rushing into a marine first skulk should almost always

Correct answer is C - Run away from the marine

A) I cant think of too many situations where dieing is good. Cannot recommend. B) You are rushing (in a group of 2 or more) into a marine(1) I doubt theres a weaker one. In a group fight this can be viable sometimes D) You are more likely to die faster but sometimes it is viable. E) Parasiting is generally good, but if you have not parasited the marine yet you are rushing in blind which is not good. C) The correct answer "running away from the marine" should have been spelled running indirectly to the marine.

16. When moving as group (marine) first one should almost always

Correct answer is C - Check corners

A) Sometimes the last guy gets distracted by gorge two walls away but that is not the first guys problem, it is comms. B) I wonder how long it would take to reach the RT with this chocolate train, nope small distance is optimal and the guys following need to make sure they keep up and have the angles to cover. D) Like a sacrificial pawn, not quite. Distance yes but its up to the guys following with exception of fast double jump movement where first one needs to consider possible SG'ers (who cant djump). E) Jumping around corners or higher ledges is definetly useful and should be used often but I would not call important enough to almost always do especially if it means skipping corners.

17. When moving as group (marine) first one should almost always be

Correct answer is A - LMG

Simple question LMG in front has more mobility and less DPS than the rest weapon types (GL cover me plx), it is also generally easier to hit target when they are attacking someone else instead of being right at your feet. First one is also most likely one to die.

18. When moving as group (marine) last one should almost always

Correct answer is C - Watch back regardless of what happens in front

This one can be consired somewhat difficult for someone people because they are all partially correct what we are looking for is the most ideal principle. A) Watching back is what the last guy is supposed to do however the answer is too vague and also a bad option. B) When moving reacting to anything that happens front is bad especially if its "just something" most probably got the point as "they are attacked" but turning your back to potential attacks is wrong even if they are because it is more than likely that attack from behind is followed. D) Needless to say last guy should be able to keep up aswell otherwise it would not be moving as a group however this should be achieved while watching back. E) Distance between ambush/spot and the group is widened as they move and there is slightly less of an opportunity for aliens but often just moving along wont cut it. C) Correct answer is to almost always Watch back regardless of what happens in front because of the threat behind and the fact there are already two watching that way. While it is not rare that you get attacked by single skulk or fade, you cant be absolutely certain that it is not an intiation of bigger fight. In all totality watching back is watching back almost always regardless of what happens in front while keeping up the rest moving when it is less likely that aliens are able to get to you.

19. When playing with Movement Chamber, what is the most optimal place for first chamber.

Correct answer is D - Farthest safe position from start hive

A) Making every MC to the hive maybe safe but not effiecient. Skulks fast travel and mobility allows first chamber to made elsewhere where gorge may not be able to by herself and using it gets you to the hive where you may lay down second chamber or travel to the next chambers place. B) Long corridors are few and safety of the MC can not be guaranteed unless there is heavy alien activity most of the time. C) Vents are usually quite safe places to place an MC however "vent near RT" is too vague as it could mean ns_tanith's waste vent when hive is waste or ns_veil sub's overlooks RT's vent which is not good because it is unsafe and easily spotted. E) Second hive is a crucial MC point however placing first MC there is just plain recklessness. Correct answer D) farthest safe position from main hive can also be vent near RT you make or second hive but this is not always the case. Mobility fade and lerk gain from the MC placement otherside of the map is huge, theres always a chance a marine getting boosted to take out the MC but a comm has to know there is an MC in the first place because it can be a huge timesink especially if it fails, usually the MC has paid itself out tenfold before it gets destroyed.

20. When moving as group (marine) middle one (if 3) should almost always

Correct answer is B - Cover mainly front

A) Covering both sides may sound good but in truth it is very difficult and there is already two persons checking those sides. D) Checking corners if the first guy does certainly makes sense however it is not the middle guys job because the group is already in danger if such a spot is missed, there also possibility of attack commencing the moment you are checking corner that was supposed to be checked already. Should be middle man fall group is in big danger because both of the front and back have to change their back to the enemy. E) Checking back if the last guy does not quite work in narrow hallway the guy is bound to obstruct your sight and aim not to mention it is fundamentally silly for marines point each other with the guns. B) Covering mainly front is the correct answer because you are more than likely get engaged from there because you are actually heading towards the aliens also because you are moving, there is slightly smaller window for opponent to attack from behind assuming the last guy is doing his job correctly.

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