TrC's NS Quiz

Simple NS1 Quiz


Read the question carefully, make sure you answer what is asked.
Dont make reckless assumptions assumely relative "normacy".
Correct answer +1 points, wrong one -1, no answer 0.
No supermen assume perfectly equals teams.

Preferred if you type answer like this

1A = A) option for question 1
8  = None answer
Split answer via /
Example: 1A/2A/3A/4A/5/6/7/8

"This is all wrong my presence defys logic" or here

I will post answers and explanations later, feel free to argue.

If your ego or lazyness stops you answering then I'm sorry.

I'm certainly not bored or anything..

1. Hive Build time

A) 60sec
B) 90sec
C) 120sec
D) 150sec
E) 180sec

2. Alien lifeform rest cost from lowest to highest.

A) 0/10/25/50/75
B) 0/10/30/50/100
C) 0/10/30/75/100
D) 0/10/30/50/75
E) 2/10/25/50/75

3. Damage of skulks first hive ability

A) 10
B) 50
C) 75
D) 80
E) Depends on marine armor level

4. Most cost/effective use for OCS

A) Main Hive
B) RTS in general
C) Hallway block (complete denial)
D) Marine natural/s
E) None above
5. Best building to take out when baserushing early/late game

A) Observatory/Armslab
B) Armslab/Observatory
C) Command Console/Armslab
D) Armory/Observatory
E) Observatory/Observatory

6. NS1 has a command that allows leap, blink and reload in single button, what is it called?

A) +move
B) +movement
C) +lebre
E) +whatever (it is a script exloit/cheat)

7. Cloak (upgrade) does not dissappear if

A) Move
B) you get shot
C) you attack
D) walk
E) None above are entirely correct

8. 6v6 game has started 4 of your mates have gone to spawncamp, what do you build first?

A) Infantry Portal
B) Armory
C) Wait for armslab (Armory is already dropped)
D) Comm has no stuff to do in low player count game let him build (leave for res)
E) You are better than the rest join the spawncamping.

9. You manage to get to the hive spawn camp initiated with 4 lmgs no aliens alive, what is the most effective way to get the hive down.

A) Shoot the hive fast as possible it will go down.
B) Ignore hive shoot only spawning aliens (they will F4 anyways)
C) Shoot the spawning skulk and empty rest of the clip to the hive (Interval is enough to reload before next pop)
D) Take positions to not allow single skulk to escape
E) Clump up for maxinum protection

10. What is biggest disadvantage of fast motion

A) Minimal base defence
B) Slow research and difficulty
C) Disadvantages against skulks.
D) Late armor upgrade
E) There is no disadvantage it is most used tactic.

11. What is Bunnyhob?

A) Skillbased movement system
B) Engine exploit only elitists use
C) A script that allows multiple keys with one click
D) Cheat that makes skulk move faster
E) Also known as "wigglejump"

12. The game is in early middle stages you spawn (after dieing) where do you head if your commander does not give you orders?

A) Closest side to enemy hive (they need backup)
B) The side your resource towers are on (Need to keep them safe)
C) The side your nearest teammate is (teamwork)
D) Wait for orders (commander knows best)
E) It does not matter if anything is not going down

13. When ambushing in group most effective way to initiate is?

A) All attack at once
B) Chuckle followed by ambush
C) Skulk behind attacks first
D) Skulk front attacks first
E) Whoever gets "surekill" attacks first

14. What is baiting?

A) Forcing opponent into submission
B) Teamwork in its simpliest form
C) Running in and taking damage
D) Gorge's hook ability
E) Correct timing when attacking

15. When group rushing into a marine first skulk should almost always

A) Die
B) Aim for the weakest
C) Run away from the marine
D) Run straight for less damage (faster)
E) Parasite

16. When moving as group (marine) first one should almost always

A) Make sure last one does not lag
B) Keep group skin tight
C) Check corners
D) Keep distance so group knows whats ahead
E) Bunnyhob (double/triple jump)

17. When moving as group (marine) first one should almost always be


18. When moving as group (marine) last one should almost always

A) Watch back
B) Watch back unless something happens in the front
C) Watch back regardless of what happens in front
D) Make sure he keeps up with the rest
E) Just move along reaction time is long enough if group is moving.

19. When playing with Movement Chamber, what is the most optimal place for first chamber.

A) Hive
B) Long corridors (gorge spit)
C) In vent near RT
D) Farthest safe position from start hive
E) Second hive

20. When moving as group (marine) middle one (if 3) should almost always

A) Cover both sides
B) Cover mainly front
C) Cover mainly back
D) Check corners if first one does not
E) Check back if last guy does not

TrC on 04 January 11 03:44



Blank blind | onFire

You should have clearly let out the strategy questions since there IS NO single best answer. Hell, I don't even see my opinion as option sometimes. And in 99% of times you could just say "depends.."

Same goes for single tactics, but I bet Tane will already teach you ;>

4 January 2011, 15:31


Blank TrC | Exertus

I think I have very good explanations for correct answers if you think something is questionable feel free to argue with examples it is exactly what I'm looking for.

4 January 2011, 15:51


Blank EisTeeAT

best thing to take out in base rush? ... SO depends if Armory is upgrading or arms lab is wporking . or maybe if obs is upgrading .. or depends on if AA alrdy went down and u need proto to die .. AS blind said NO definite answer there .. and ur options for that one suck !

4 January 2011, 16:52


Blank EisTeeAT

Or question 12 .. where is the answer saying I USE MY FUCKING MINIMAP AND DECIDE THEN ! but still not to sound all annoyed by this .. nice job good effort :) !

4 January 2011, 16:54


Blank sublime


4 January 2011, 17:01


Blank Fana | Archaea

What blind said, basically. I'll give you one example, but it applies to many of the questions:

5. Best building to take out when baserushing early/late game

Conventional wisdom would be to take down the obs first, both early and late game. In most circumstances this would be the right choice, too. Sometimes however, it isn't, so it depends on the circumstances.

Said circumstances are: Is the armory upgrading or upgraded, how many aliens do you have in the baserush, is the obs upgrading, do you have focus fades, is there an active PG, and many more.

Early game it depends on whether you are trying to win the game with the baserush or just delay marine tech. It also depends on whether or not you're baserushing while they're nuking your RTs or if you're baserushing because the opportunity presented it self.

If you're baserushing while they're nuking your RTs or you're baserushing to win the game then and there, always kill the obs first. If you're baserushing just to delay or because the opportunity presented itself, killing the arms lab/obs/armory or even the IP are are all equally viable options.

If the arms lab is upgrading, you can delay a1 by nuking it which is great. If you kill the obs first there's a chance marines will make it back to base in time to prevent you from raping the rest of the base in time. Killing the obs it self isn't a great setback for the marines. If it's upgrading, it could either be phase tech or MT. MT delayed is a great setback, phase tech is a minor setback. Personally I'd go for the upgrading arms instead of the obs if I knew the obs was just phase tech (but that also depends, if I know the comm relies heavily on early map control with early pgs then...). If the armory is upgrading, the choice is obvious: nuke the armory and ruin the fast AA strat. If you don't have enough skulks to kill the armory before beacon finishes though, you have to kill the obs first. Lastly, killing the IP can be very effective too. If obs/armslab/armory isn't upgrading, nuking the IP can actually delay the marines a lot. Best case scenario they get several marines in the spawn queue before the new IP is up, worst case scenario they have to send one marine back to rebuild the IP which means one less marine in the field.

Late game things change a bit. Armory/obs/PG/proto/armslab are all viable options. Kill the obs if you want to take down many structures, but if the marines are near base or can just jump through the PG this is a waste of time. If MT is upgrading, if they're running to build PGs somewhere or if they have no other way than beacon to get back to base however, it may be the best choice to kill first.

If you have focus fades, nuking the armslab can win the game then and there. A good two hive focus fade can solo the entire marine team and win the game with focus against a0 marines.

If they have a PG in base, the best option may actually be to meatgrind the PG in base and THEN either kill obs, run out and nuke a PG on the map before they rebuild in base, or nuke another structure.

If the armory is upgraded or upgrading, it's an obvious target.

If the proto lab is upgrading however, it may be a better target than the armory. If you have two hives, it's best to kill the AA to prevent HMG chasers, but if you're stuck on one hive, it's more important to delay those jetpacks. Even JP-SGs terrorize one hive fades and will end the game there and then.

...and that's only a fraction of what can be said about the subject.

4 January 2011, 17:11


Blank LITERALLY_GAY | 3D happy land

autism detected.

4 January 2011, 17:27


Blank TrC | Exertus

Exactly, but what you failed to notice is that you have 5 options to work with and you do not need to make own conditions.

Great Post Fana btw

4 January 2011, 17:31


Blank Fana | Archaea


Fair enough, TrC, but I don't see how you can disconnect those options from the conditions ingame. Your question is based upon an "early/late game" scenario, but there are millions of different early/late game scenarios. I can't pick the "right" option without more information.

4 January 2011, 18:01


Blank sublime

Autist isn't a word in of itself you futher mucker - he isn't calling you an artist in the style of Lloyd Grossman!

4 January 2011, 18:13


Blank TrC | Exertus

Indeed, we can reopen the discussion as I post right answers and explanations for why them.

For now I'll wait until enough people actually do this.

4 January 2011, 18:17


Blank Fana | Archaea

It isn't? He isn't? I'm devastated. I thought I was going to the next world champion of autism.

4 January 2011, 18:29


Blank d-

'sublime'Autist isn't a word in of itself you futher mucker - he isn't calling you an artist in the style of Lloyd Grossman!

lmao, good one pat.

4 January 2011, 19:14


Blank Danny | Patphat

This one was fun, good one TrC

4 January 2011, 20:49


Blank Tweadle

Nobody will answer these impossible questions :(

4 January 2011, 21:01


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns

"I'm certainly not bored or anything.."


5 January 2011, 06:03


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns


5 January 2011, 06:03


Blank dugi



5 January 2011, 06:28


Blank sublime

You're the Pamela Anderson of dwarves?!

5 January 2011, 07:08


Blank Danny | Patphat

Lets go;

1. B, 90sec
2. B
3. A, 10
4. E, i want them in a building hive
5. B
6. B, +movement
7. D, walk (=hold shift without strafing)
8. IMO this is a sgrush, so armory at the front (for sgs and mines), B
9. D
10. D, late upgrades in general when fade goes up
11. A (bunnyhop i assume)
12. B, unless cappers are alive and protect nodes.
13. E
14. B
15. C, tank and drive the marines aim from the rest
16. C
17. LMG
18. B
19. E
20. D

5 January 2011, 08:17


Blank NellyJai | HasBeens & NeverWas

hive takes 90 secs... to go up ? whao then alot of teams will have trouble grouping up and pushing before it goes up.

5 January 2011, 11:15


Blank EisTeeAT

more like every team .. its 3 mins danny 180 seconds ;D !

5 January 2011, 11:19


Blank huhuh | Danny Est Gros

... I wonder how we took all these alien rounds

5 January 2011, 13:02


Blank atman

sötdanny :)

5 January 2011, 17:22


Blank Danny | Patphat


Common people post answers, the later questions are more intressting!

5 January 2011, 20:30


Blank actinium

3A (parasite = 1st hive ability)
4E (competitively, OCs go in building hives that are being pressured or in all hives when facing JPs; on pubs, OCs go to major choke-points like EJ/WS on Veil and marines get owned)
5A (E can be correct if there is still only 1 Observatory in late game; B can be correct for the same reason and if there is no Observatory in the early game; C is possible but unlikely; D is possible if the armory is upgrading)
7E (even walking can get you decloaked such as if you are near an Observatory or even if you turn too fast)
8B (armory up front for sgs+mines; question is vague - 'gone to spawncamp'? = 'gone to get owned'? 'entered the hive to spawncamp?' 'are spawncamping?')
9C (C is the only useful answer for the question; B is the best option even though it doesn't answer the question; these are all wrong anyway; correct way is to build an armory, drop shotguns, and win)
10D (D is correct if marines play badly and a fade goes up too fast; A and C is contingent on the playstyle of the marines while fast motion is going; B is similar to D)
11A (it's Bunnyhop or is this some derivative?)
12A (early-middle stage usually involves pressure on the second alien hive - at this point marine RTs are often left alone as aliens defend against marine offensive; B is correct if your team is playing defensively; C assumes your teammate has a clue of what is going on; D makes sense in case you need to build a PG in base or something else)
13A (any of the other options can stall the initiation and risk having each skulk going in alone; B just puts marines on guard; C and D are situational at best; E is too subjective)
14C (if you are 'baiting' for somebody else, C is right; the other options don't make sense even though E is loosely associated but is not a definition)
15C (draw fire and dodge - not run away; A for shitty skulks; B doesn't make sense since it is one marine; D doesn't work; E can be done with C)
16C (if the first marine does not check corners, the other marines assume that the corners are clear if the front marine does not get attacked - this sets the group up to get ambushed badly)
17A (most expendable soldier goes first)
18C (almost always - except if the marines at the front are not surviving; when something happens at the front, an ambush can often start simultaneously from the back)
19D (obviously you want to put the chamber in a safe place and far from the hive to allow for distanced lifeforms needing healing or quick movement back to the hive; A is safe but useless; B is only for hardgorges; C can be correct depending on RT position; E is the optimal place for 3rd or additional MCs)
20D (D is maybe slightly more important than E)

6 January 2011, 12:39


Blank TrC | Exertus

Cool stuff

Going to post answers soon if you havent already please do it on paper/notepad/post as it is in my opinion much more fun than just reading questions out and answering.

7 January 2011, 05:40


Blank sublime


Fucking faggots

7 January 2011, 10:42


Blank EisTeeAT

Well sublime it is like u talking about sex .. all u ever will be good at is TALKING about it !

7 January 2011, 10:46


Blank ret

lol stopped reading answers after fana decided to write a fucking story

7 January 2011, 15:04


Blank psyc0mus | minions

EisTee did you just indirectly insult people who have posted in this topics gaming skills? xD kinda sounds like it :D

8 February 2011, 13:51


Blank EisTeeAT

Maybe .. dunno .. cant remember but sounds like me i usually do insult ppl indirectly so they dont get it ... but i wont read all this again so cant be sure ;D !

8 February 2011, 14:53

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