Season 15: Week 6 Predictions!

TrC's Prediere Div Predictions

Saunamen vs Danny Est Gros

Saunamen's match against 9L 2 weeks ago was a great example how top teams use teamwork to their advantange. Despite the very aggressive play by 9L, Saunamen managed to stay cool and eventually resolve "Main hive lockdown" situation twice with a proper recap game could have been very different.

Danny Est Gros is in a tough spot at the moment, important points lost both to CAL-ns and Trolls ask for ever greater achievements in their future matches against both Saunamen and 9L. Activity is the only leverage they have this moment.

Saunamen will improve as the season progressess.

3-1 To saunamen

9L vs CAL-NS

9L's activity brought them smoothness that allowed for more aggressive game. Their first marine round against Saunamen included low rt count pressure to the very hive itself, while 9L achieved this very easily situation was not all that shiny as the upgrade and res situation were not looking as good as the situation on the hive. Some might consider this All-in style but it is still very feasible especially against teams of lower skill.

CAL-NS has showed some skill by taking points of every match so far including TROLLs one of the top candinates for winner this season. Points here would very appreciated but the record so far is just not enough.

Ping issues may prove into either ones favor.

4-0 to 9L

prostokvashino vs TROLLS

prostokvashino has a hard road ahead currect top teams (excluding Fantasy) are next in the line. Despite the bad record so far prostokvashino has the potential to take a round off anyone and they will until the season ends.

TROLLS is looking strong despite some round slips. Although not as organized as one might think TROLLS still rule the battlefield 6 x one groups in their anarchistic way. This week should not be any different.

prostokvashino taking rounds would bring lovely shitstorm.

4-0 to TROLLS

Bacillus' Div 2 Preds!

changin THE METAGAME vs Stray Dogs

The metagamechangers collapsed into a disappointing 0-4 defeat against 250 de ping last week. The high pings definitely had their part in the defeat, but lazy node biting and failed baserush defence ended had their parts in the mess too. All in all a very disappointing result from a team that could have secured their playoff spot with a few rounds.

SD keeps going as usual. Their alien play is still strong and the marine rounds aren't still getting too far without Doctor's commanding.

A week ago I might have considered the metagamers as a slight favourite, but now I don't know. While SD isn't probably a bit behind 250 de ping in pure individual skill, their alien game is still very decent and their marine rounds are still capable of taking the victory in case the metagamers get sloppy on their res biting again. Also, the metagamers failed to demonstrate their best on Eclipse, which gets another play this week.

My call is still alien tie on both maps. 2-2. Eclipse is the map that can turn the game either way.

2RAM vs teampol

2RAM took a sweet victory over the British profaneshapeshifterwhatever clan, taking the decisive round win with a jetpack surprise on Origin. A good week for them.

The Polish team won AAAA 3-1 on week 5. aA's mercing added the necessary extra punch especially on Polish marine rounds. AAAA's less standard strategies didn't really allow TeamPol to demonstrate their present shape though.

This should be a relatively even match. Apart from the 2ram's jetpack rush neither of the teams has convinced me with their marine capabilities, so I expect to see rather alien biased rounds. Now that Origin doesn't get played anymore, Eclipse seems to be the best place to decide the match. CC 1st hive should still allow either team to drift into comfortable win even on Eclipse.

2-2 Alien tie.

New Team vs Gay Mystic Wizards

The usual stuff for New Team. They are strong all around, but lack the individuals to triumph on marine rounds. If you're looking for a solid standard team in Div 2, you've got it right here, both the good and bad of it.

The British team struggled a 3-1 defeat against 2Ram on week 5. Their marine rounds seem to lack a bit of aggression and efficiency and on aliens a bit sloppy node biting and scouting costed them a round on Origin.

Both teams have pretty similar style, strengths and weaknesses. I think New Team is still ahead especially in teamwork and experience, giving them slight edge. If they get lucky on Eclipse marine round starting hive, they might have enough guts to take the much needed marine win.

3-1 New Team. As usual, Eclipse decides.

250 de ping vs Anonym Anti Anti A.

250 de ping somehow pulled off a 4-0 against the strong metagamechangers even with 2 rounds of ping disadvantage. Their jetpack heavy round on origin was certainly risky and the eclipse aliens were decided by another high risk baserush, but you can't complain with the overall result. All in all, a very strong performance all around.

The AAAA still somehow keep hanging in the league despite being seemingly dead all season long. Last week they managed to steal a round from SD, which isn't bad at all. Their off-the-book plays certainly are a welcome occassional change compared to the cookie cutting counterparts.

250 de ping is a clear favourite here, no doubt about it. The biggest threat to them is the combination of high ping and RT heavy AAAA alien play style, which is always quite unstable combination. Still, I believe they should be pretty comfortable with this one.

4-0 250 de ping.

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