Season 15: Week 3 Predictions!

Bacillus' Premiere Division Predictions

The premiere has 2 unplayed matches from last week, so I'm still lacking material to work with. Anyway, I can still make bad educated guesses.

Danny Est Gros vs CAL-NS

This is probably the most even match of the week. Both teams are aiming for the playoff spots, so this one bears big importance.

There's not much to say about DeGz' play, since their week 2 match hasn't been played yet. I'd expect them to do the standard solid play routine, relying on solid teamwork and players like King Yo, Danny and huhuh.

CAL-NS dropped one round against the russian prostosomethingnengfd. Their alien teamwork looked a lot better than it did on week 1, but the marine play still relies a lot on Makaveli's first shotgun. Failing to impact big time on the initial push spells big trouble for the Americans. Metal doesn't seem to be CAL's strongest map, so I'd expect them to struggle a bit on it too.

My pred is a 2-2 tie. Marine wins in Tanith, aliens on Metal.

TeaM Fantasy vs TROLLS

Team Fantasy hasn't played the week 2 game, which certainly isn't a good signal for a team that needs practise hours to compete with the top teams. Trolls also missed their week 2 match, but week 1 proved their sufficient shape.

The biggest pressure is on Troll commander. Metal is a challenging map to command in quite a few ways and Ykarus hasn't showcased his commanding skills that much on the few latest season. If Fantasy gets one round, it's definitely the metal aliens.

Nevertheless, my pred is 4-0 for Trolls.

Saunamen vs 9L

Saunamen are yet to open their season and their activity doesn't look too good. Ninelegends on the other hand are looking strong and active. If it was any other team than the Saunamen, I'd call this an easy 4-0 for Ninelegends.

9L are definitely the favourite here, no matter how you look at it. Still, it's difficult to count out a team fielding players like Nade, Kuitmo, Ernos under Peach's leadership, no matter how inactive they are. It's also good to note that the 9-node metal allows Peach to shine on res management and the lerk threat of Nade and Ernos causes headache for any commander low on res.

I'll call this 3-1 for 9l, Sauna taking the metal aliens.

TrC's Div 2 predictions

New Team vs 250 de ping

New Team has shown their enthusiasm in both pcws and ensl games and it has given them the position they are currectly in top 1 in div2 with 3-1 and 4-0 victories. Their activeness give them the best chances of winning div2 at the moment however the season is still young so anything can happen. Invidual wise they have many long time players and they are active gather-wise aswell despite this I belive their biggest chance of falling lies in poor tactical decisions.

250 de ping bringing the Argentian super power in to the game again, previously they have had success with DC's a lot and I wonder whether if they revert to that whether the map allows it. They are currectly the number two in their league with 3-1 victory and draw position wise this match is crucial for both teams. Since the match is going to be played on high ping server you would think that the ones use to it would have the advantange but I dont think this is the case. I still however look forward to 250 de ping marine play especially shotgunning.

New Team should come on top this game but I doubt 250 de ping gives rounds easily this weeks activity plays huge role in this crucial match for both teams.

I predict 3-1 for New Team

Stray Dogs vs teampol

Stray Dogs line up has not changed since last season and I bet they will be aiming for div2 championship this season aswell. They started their season with 3-1 win against 2 RAM and are currectly stand on fourth place but nothing is decided yet as they had no game first week. Stray Dogs alien play has revolved a lot around Dogo pulling off strange in-game decisions and rest of the team executing them however due the amount of games together this has lead to nice teamwork or illusion of teamwork. Stray Dogs biggest problem lies in how to cover the void left by Doctor in the marineplay.

teampol has lost both of their games however not pointless these points will be crucial when the season comes to a point where certain teams fight only for the final position. Teampols gameplay gives a bit less in "shape" feeling which could be either lack of activity or huge skill gap between between members probably a bit of both.

I dont see Stray dogs losing however if not careful teampol will bite off couple rounds off.

I predict 4-0 to SD

2RAM vs changin THE METAGAME

2RAM season did not start too brightly yet theres no change in spirit and they will be fighting for bottom three spots this season aswell. Given the surprising amount of particiants this season lower div teams will have nice amount of games against relatively equal skill level, this could be the very chance for 2RAM to draw or even win first ENSL offcial. Special / old school tactics could be the turn over for 2RAM.

changin THE METAGAME first game ended up being victory against teampol yet I know very little of this team some of the players have previously played in ENSL but thats about it. Even though only 1 win, it is convincing that they can compete at least in div2 now that they are facing equally skilled opponent as their first round.

Finding a good server may be a problem but as long it is not too bad for either changin THE METAGAME has the advantange.

I predict 3-1 to changin THE METAGAME

Anonym Anti Anti A. vs Invisible Chancers

Anonym Anti Anti A. managed the get New team on their on toes losing barely 1-3. Despite their habits all of them have been here competiting since the dawn of the time and that shows even impaired. Curious to see their line-up thou as most of them arent really known to be the active sort infact I doubt they have played pcw's that much either regardless not a team to over-run especially in div2.

Invisible Chancers with a quick glance seems strong lineup drawing their first against 250 de ping was a bit surprised but only tells of 250 de ping's improvement. Ninjew has proved to be deadly fade giving them enough ammunition to survive aliens rounds but the real fight will be whether if they can take the marine rounds.

Assuming AAAA gets their beverage of choice and get players to server the game will be played.

I predict 3-1 to Invisible Chancers.

Bacillus on 24 October 10 17:03



Blank Snail | 250 de ping

nice, but late :p

24 October 2010, 19:01


Blank NecRos_aka_Orgad | Team Three

so im ninjew now?

24 October 2010, 21:19


Blank Snail | 250 de ping

trc fail :p

26 October 2010, 21:26


Blank dogo

0/4 n1 Saya =)

26 October 2010, 21:38

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