ENSL Season 15 Rules


General rules apply to any rule topic not mentioned below.

League Dates

  • Season starts Monday 4th, the default first match-time is Sunday 10th, 20CET.
  • Each week will be a chance to replay the previous week as well as playing the current week. (2 times to play each match during normal league play.)
  • The League will end after every team has had the chance to play every other team in it's division.


  • The Divisions will be divided by seedings.
  • The division sizes are restricted to 8 or less teams each, in order to avoid a prolongued season.

CLs and players! Agree to your match server with the other CL of your schedule, before each Sunday!

That's one server for each team.

Exceptions to server choice are allowed on match days.

Servers must be confirmed by a Referee or both Team Admins of the match.


  • Once the normal league has finished, their will be a clean-up week, followed by a finals for each division.
  • The finals structure is not confirmed; there may be other play-offs and finals.
  • In Finals each team gets to choose one map. If the two maps result in a tie the teams will have to agree on the tiebreakermap.

During Play

  • Fps will be capped at 125 for players, exceptions are allowed when both CLs agree during pre-game!
  • cl_updaterate will be capped at 40, exceptions are allowed if both captains agree! They most severe minimum cl_updaterate allowed during an exception is 10. CLs may agree to their own cl_updaterate with each other, during pre-game within the range 10-40.

All the above rules may change during the season at Season Admin's discretion.

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