Season 14: The Prem Finals!

Season 14 Finals!

The finals are here, get your popcorn and set up for the grand final of the 14th ENSL season. Now it's all up to Rambos and 2Balls to decide who get their names into the ENSL Hall of Fame.

We are in a similar situation as it was with the Tier 2 finals; there's not awfully much to talk about. 2Balls did a great job against Take Over in the semis, but it has been 2 weeks since that. Meanwhile we haven't much from the Rambos within the last month. This leaves me with some scattered thoughts to write, but no up to date info.

In the semis 2Balls introduced us to the biggest marine weapon any team can have: Peach took his place as the commander. His marvellous res control and commanding presence dragged 2Balls from a terrible situation into a 2-0 veil win, which was probably the biggest game defining moment in the semis. Suddenly the unstable looking 2Ball marine round became a fluent act that doesn't fall apart, no matter the pressure. The 2Ball aliens weren't looking bad either. Tane and aA both did good job as fades and the skulkwork was good enough to make up for their lack of early lerk.

As for the Rambos, I've got not much to talk about. They haven't given any signals of recovery after the easter break. The things I mentioned about them in the semi-final preds still go though. I believe Sonder is capable of keeping their marine rounds together and Almaty's lerking might still give them nice momentum punch for the early alien game. Pyromatic has been spending his gaming hours of TF2, which certainly helps marine play to some extend, but his alien game is anyone's guess at this point. I also feel the inactivity might hurt the Rambos a bit due to the slightly inexperienced lineup when it comes to top level play. A lot probably rests on ret's performance today.

After seeing the 2Balls semi final run and Peach's commanding, I think they are a relatively clear favourite for this one. Rambos can put up a fight, I doubt they are able to take any 2-0 maps today unless 2Balls mess up something. My prediction is 2Balls taking the title by a 3-1.


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