Season 14: Week 5 Predictions!

Week 5 Predictions!

Hi there!

Both the predictors are rather busy this week, so we'll keep it short and sweet. Last week was all 4-0s, so I haven't got that much to analyze either. See you in the playoffs with some more detailed coverage!

All preds are written by me this week.


Professors - NewstyleD Return

The match of the week!

Professors were looking strong on their early season games. Now they've been quiet in ENSL for weeks and my information is mostly based on official matches, so I can only make some slightly educated guesses on how their game goes. The biggest single question on the Prof lineup is the amount of marine power. Early season they had Zharp mercing on both their games and added a lot of stability, especially on marines. Without him the profs seem to lack real marine powerhouses, capable of bringing down nodes on tough pressure. Otherwise Profs are still looking pretty good, but the real tests are still up ahead.

NewstyleD managed a 4-0 against New Team, but it wasn't any kind of walk over. New Team put up a decent fight and could have easily snagged a couple of rounds with a bit sharper play on certain moments. Lately I've started to think that NewstyleD might end up in trouble on their reliance on Multi's fading. Against take over we saw him going down early on Orbital, which greatly contributed to the huge comeback by tO. Otherwise NewstyleD have been pretty solid, but in no way as astounding as their record might make it seem.

Having not seen much from the Profs, it's a difficult one to predict. I'd say that Profs were more convincing on their early season games, but after two matchless weeks I won't even go guessing their shape.

I guess I'll give Profs the tiniest bit of advantage based on early season games, but 2-2 is the most likely result.

Take Over - Made in Russia

This one should be a simple 4-0 for Take Over, unless MiR decides to try cheesing somehow. Take Over is just too much ahead on everything.

Rambos - Stray Dogs

Another seemingly clear 4-0. Rambos have such a big skill advantage that I can't see Stray Dogs overcoming them in any scenario. Rambos should also be motivated for taking that 4-0 to secure their position as the Group B winner and not facing the dreaded Take Over in the semis.

2Ram - Russian Standard

This one should be interesting. Both the teams have their best shots at taking a victory on group B.

I'll give a slight advantage for the Russians on this one. They have seemed more collected and controlled during the season and seem to be in better position now that they aren't completely overrun by the sheer skill and experience disadvantage.

The Argentinians are still as they've been for the whole season so far. Their marine rounds don't seem very balanced in terms of economy and offensive pressure and on aliens they often lack the last bit of coordination and scouting to take the victories.

I think we are going to see at least 3 alien victories here, considering how both teams have their strenghts there. To make things more interesting, I'll give the Russians the Tanith marine round, making it 3-1 for RS.

Bacillus on 28 March 10 18:59



Blank blind | onFire

Nice preds as always, but can't you try to make them before match day? ... best case on monday xD

29 March 2010, 06:02


Blank Bacillus

Yeah, I'll try to keep up a better schedule on these in the future.

29 March 2010, 07:36


Blank pSyk | NewStyleD Return

So will Profs and TO...:D

29 March 2010, 07:48


Blank SaperioN | Flatline-Ns

Nice work bac but as a predictor you should maybe watch gathers or pcws to know the teams lol...

29 March 2010, 10:59


Blank ret

YES i prayed to god last night asking him to give professors strength/wisdom and skill , but i forgot to ask him to make sure they have six :S

29 March 2010, 13:33


Blank NecRos_aka_Orgad | Team Three

yeah ret wtf we allready have all that!

just need 6 :<

29 March 2010, 14:07


Blank ret

To saps comment and this is no offense to Bac but maybe get someone thats willing to do preds that plays? in ensl?

29 March 2010, 16:49


Blank Bacillus

Yeah, I was actually planning to quit predding before this season, but then got caught a little off guard by the season start and didn't resign early enough to allow any replacements to step in, so I decided to do another season.

I've been hoping to get a proper connection and get back to ENSL, but it's not looking that good. Right now I'm lagging like hell on evenings when the matches get played, so going competetive regularly doesn't seem that inviting and worth the time it takes.

29 March 2010, 22:40


Blank TrC | Exertus

Last time I checked all you have to do is write an article and ask jiriki to approve it. Profit

30 March 2010, 01:14


Blank Fana | Archaea

"Yeah, I'll try to keep up a better schedule on these in the future."

Predictors (me included) have been saying this for almost five years. Don't worry about it.

30 March 2010, 01:47


Blank GibbZ | 9L

me and ben always were prompt... ;)

30 March 2010, 14:24


Blank lump

OMG the amount of times I was well early with my preds for you Fana.. and this is how you repay me? :'(

30 March 2010, 14:59


Blank Fana | Archaea

Repay you for... flaking out on me halfway through the season?

30 March 2010, 17:31


Blank lump

I couldn't handle the pressure :( Pizza's fault

31 March 2010, 00:22


Blank Fana | Archaea

Fucking Pizza. That guy is always shitting in people's handbags.

31 March 2010, 02:01

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