ENSL season 14 rules

1. General Rules

  1. All the General Rules apply in the League.
  2. The League Contains one division divided into two groups A and B, 5 teams each.
  3. Each team will play one match per week, 4 matches in total.Each team will have one week rest.
  4. To schedule the game team leaders should contact each other, agree on the date and contact League Admin to put it into the system.
  5. After 5 weeks two best teams in each groups go to the semi-finals (A1-B2, A2-B1). The winners of those matches will meet in finals.
  6. The 3rd and 4th team in each group will fight in semis for another title (A3-B4, A4-B3). The winners will play in finals.
  7. Teams can be removed from the league by Admin decision (most often due to inactivity)
  8. Clan-hopping: If a player joins a team after the 28 February, the player can’t play for 1 week unless the opposition team agrees. Players can’t switch teams if they have already played in one during the season.
  9. The rules may change during the season if the ENSL staff detects any major abuse.


2. The match

  1. TeamA starts the both map as marines. (TeamA vs TeamB match sheet)
  2. Maps should be played in the order displayed in match sheet.


3. Scoring

  1. Team gets one point for every round won.
  2. Each team get one point for showing up EXACLY ON TIME (CET time), with 6 players in the correct team (verified by admin/referee/server logs).
  3. If one of the team do not have 6 players on server within 15 min of the scheduled match time, they loose the game by forfeit.
  4. If neither of the teams shows up within 15 mins, there will be a double forfeit and neither team receives any points.
  5. Any offensive behavior towards admins, referees or opposing team members is forbidden. Violation causes 1 point deduction in team's score.
  6. Each player has to use their real ENSL database nick during the game. The clan tag is required also. Violation will cause 1 point loss for the team.
  7. Team can lose only one point by violating rules 3.5 & 3.6 and League admins make the decision about it after match by analysing the demos.



The Semi-Final Phase Rules:


1. The top two teams of each division advance to the semi-finals. The team ranked first in group A plays the group B's team that finished second and the other way round with the two remaining teams.

2. The teams finisihing 3rd and 4th in the divisions will play for the 'Tier-2 Title'. The opponents for semi-finals are picked in the similar way as for the main ENSL 13 title (For example Group A 3rd - Group B 4th).

3. If two teams finish with the same score in the league phase, the regular season match between the tied teams decides the higher ranked team.

If the match was a tie, there are two options:

- In case both teams get to playoffs anyway, the higher ranked team will be decided by a coin toss.

-If only one of the teams is going to get through to the semi-finals, there will be a 2-map tie-breaker match.

4. Each team picks a map from the season's maplist  and informs the admin . If teams do not choose their maps admins will do it for them.

5. In case the semi-final matches end up in tie after 2 maps, there will be tie-breakers until the winner is decided. The 1st tie-breaker map will be the first on the pool, excluding the maps already picked by the teams. 

6. The winners of the semi-finals will play in the final. The same set of rules applies to the finals.

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