Season 13: Prem Final Preds!

Prem Finale Preds!

Due to some big Christmas hurries I don't really have time to write any analysis this week, but luckily TrC is still doing a great job.



We will be seeing the last year champion again playing in the finals and they will be facing U GO? band of skilled top class players. U GO?'s activity can be questinable as they said they have trouble fielding players next week and there was kewl drama (finally) in the last weeks take over game. U GO? however continues strong even without their flash lerk Almaty but I doubt they have chance to win if they do not play this week actively. Still their knowledge and game sight and very depth tactics (assuming from the 10min wait per round) they cannot be underestimated. Fade performance will be extremely important and whoever is going to lerk needs to stay alive. I can see U GO? winning alien rounds but marine rounds are out of question unless they ip rush (jk).

Saunamen slipped round to the ninelegends but I doubt it will happen again in this match. They are one of the activest clan atm with Tuxedo men and will be the champions again this season with a little doubt. Strong fading and mass rt'ing allow them to use more flexibility tactics if the game is prolonged to more than 4 rounds. Also their newest comebacker Nade is back in the play and will be filling the role of the lerk. Their play is solid as always but can be slippery if they are underestimating the opponent but with Tane's rage on the background I doubt they have enough time to think about it.

If U GO? is as inactive as they claim to be I will put my vote for Sauna.

4-0 for Sauna.

Once I'm done with my hurries I'll probably write a season recap including some mentions and analysis of the best and most interesting rounds and moments of the season. Stay tuned for it.


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