Working in a Group


Working in a Group 


Working in a group is an essential thing in Natural-Selection. More eyes are better than just two. Most of the people do realize that it`s not wise to walk alone like rambo, but they still do. It`s exciting but not wise. Lets not forget the alien team. Skulks are very effective in a group, especially when ambushing marines and making rushes.



Group work is especially essential in marine team. Humans are not designed to work alone. They are co-workers. Clans often do very good job while making tactics and they even play by the plan right from the start, but when somebody dies, their game is ruined. All spawning marines are running to a different locations and when couple minutes have elapsed, we have five single marines all over the map. When you die, go back to your post unless your commander gives you new orders.


When you are moving in a marine group, try to walk close to the other marines but leave space between each other. The space is needed when you are dodging attacking skulks. If you are carrying a welder, remember to weld your team members always when possible, but don`t be welding all the time. You have a gun too. Remember to use it!


If you are out of ammo or you need some more, just ask your commander to drop some. Your team members could also need some ammonation or medpacks, so do not take all those dropped ammopacks to yourself. Give some to your friends too. Helping other team mates could extend your time of life.


Sometimes skulks attack and you or your team members start to panic shooting all over the place. Be careful! Do not hurt your mates. They might have just a little health left and even your single bullet could kill some of them.



The whole alien team must support each other. Protecting hive is a situation, where every alien is needed (you can leave one skulk out for eating marine resource towers). Gorges are supposed to heal the hive and creatures protecting it, lerks are supposed to spore attacking marines or umbraing hive, fades should take marines out one by one, onos should be stomping and devouring and skulks rush in.


Every alien should also work together when protecting resource towers. Do not let marines near them. Protecting resource towers are very important when the game is early. Lerk should spore marines all the way to the resource towers. 


Here is couple good tips:


  1. Umbra lerk and an onos is a very powerful combination. Onos is killing marines and the same time lerk is umbraing the onos. Umbra reduces the number of hitting bullets.
  2. Gorges are like little tanks. You can try rush with couple gorges going first blocking bullets. Skulks should follow the gorges and kill the marines. I personally like this tactic very much! 
  3. When gorges spitting and lerks sporing, marines can`t see anything and there is a good timing for skulks to make their move and attack!



Date: 29/06/2006


Written by: Invasion


Invasion on 28 June 06 22:06


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