Learn how to Gorge

Learn how to Gorge 

Many people who have just started to play Natural-Selection think that playing with gorge is the most simple thing in ns, although it`s one of the most difficult lifeform. Building stuff is not the only thing you are supposed to do as gorge. You must patrol everywhere on the map and be there where needed. Do not put a newb to gorge. Person gorgeing should have much experience in ns. Dying as gorge is very easy, so you need to know where to be and when. 

As you know gorge is an important field-medic. It would be waste of time if every lifeform runs to hive for healing. Gorges must support attacks. Use spit when healing is not needed. Don`t rush towards marines. Try to keep longer distance and then spit all you can. You must not go rambo with gorge. Attack when others are attacking too. When other lifeforms are coming towards you on attack situation, heal them fast so they can continue killing marines. 

There are many tactics in ns but here is the very basic ns alien tactic:


  1. RTMC: Resource tower + 1 Movement Chamber
  2. 2MCS: 2 Movement Chambers (Start building them when you have 27 res or so. Skulk until you have that number of res.)
  3. RTFade: 1 Resource tower -> Skulk -> Fade
  4. Hive: Gorge (when 49 res or so.) -> Hive
  5. Lerk: Lerks as fastest as possible
  6. Fade: Fades as fastest as possible



Lets imagine situations 1, 2 and 3. 


Situation 1

Game starts. Locate the nearest resource node and evolve gorge next to it. Build resource tower (building the nearest resource tower isn`t actually the smartest thing. Try to think what resource node would be easiest to defend from attacking marines) and go there where needed. For example, go heal attacking skulks and/or spit marines from a longer distance. If you are not needed (which is very rare) go to scout places near resource towers and inform other when the marines are coming. When you have enough resources to build movement chamber, build it in under your hive. You are a permanent gorge. Don`t go back to skulk. Build more resource towers and/or offence chambers. It`s up to you, but be smart.


Situation 2

Game starts. You must not go gorge just yet. You are the movement chamber builder. Go to parasite as many marines you can. There is also time for one or two attacks with skulk, but be vice. It`s stupid to die. Movement chamber must be dropped in time. Otherwise it ruins other lifeforms chances to kill marines effectively such as lerk. Start evolving gorge when you have approximately 27-28 resource. Build those two movement chambers in to your hiveroom and then go to skulk again. Do not stay gorge if it`s not needed (usually it isn`t).


Situation 3.

Game starts. You are a "slow fade". Build a resource tower to a place where it`s easy to defend. After building the resource tower go directly back to skulk.

Gorgeing is funny and so cool you maybe doesn`t want to evolve back to skulk again, but think about if every other team member would also be gorge. Marines would take you out in notime. Sometimes using gorgerush tactic (rushing with 6 gorges) is cool and you could even win, but it`s not the best alternative if you want to win.


About upgrades:


Movement chamber:

  Use celerity (faster getaway) or adrenaline (good for healing and spitting)

Sensory chamber:

 Use Scent of Fear (you can see marines coming)

Defence chamber:

  Use carapace (increase armor) or regeneration.


Date: 27/06/2006

Source: www.levitacus.com

Written by: Invasion

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