Learn how to Skulk

Learn how to Skulk

Skulking is the most important skill as alien. Without people knowing how to skulk the game will be over soon. Skulking could be hard to learn, because it's very weak and dies easily if it's spotted by the marines.

When the game starts you must locate the marines and parasite all of them. This helps lot when ambushing them. Ambushing is almost only way to kill marines easily. It's much harder to rush towards them bunnyhopping like mad. Skulks are not moving alone. They work as a group. Marines will come for your resource towers and your mission is to protect them with your life. Losing resource towers is BAD. Without them your team will never get better lifeforms like fades, lerks, etc. Best way is not to let marines come even close to your resource towers. It could be difficult to hold them but as a group everything is possible.

There should be a skulk that is eating marine resource towers all the time. Many clans have this kind of problem: They are not eating marine resource towers enough. It's not very useful to eat one single resource tower. You must eat them all. Some people do eat them but they don't realize that marines are re-building them right after their resource towers have been eaten. Every re-building marine must be killed as fastest as possible. If the marineteam gets hold of many resource towers, the game will be over soon. They will get everything they want, because you haven't eat their resource towers...

Once again bunnyhopping is very important skill as a skulk. It's fastest possible moving style from place to another. It's not that difficult skill but some still have problems performing it. Here's the tip: USE MOUSEWHEEL to jump.


About the upgrades:

Movement Chamber:

  • Celerity - It's very good when bunnyhopping. The speed is unbeliveable
  • Adrenaline - When eating resource towers, this is a very useful skill.
  • Silence - Nasty upgrade for the marines. They will never hear where you are coming.

Sensory Chamber:

  • Focus - Could be useful in situations where you have leap.
  • Scent of Fear - Not so useful skulking skill. You can always parasite them.
  • Cloak - Definately the best choice of these three. To walk cloaked. Stay put before you go invicible. Then hold shift and use only forward key. Do not use strafes. If you do, you will be revealed.

Defence Chamber:

  • Carapace - Best out of these three. Makes your weak skulk little stronger
  • Regeneration - Not so good. Skulk is a weak creature. There won't be much use for that.
  • Redemption - Haha, I've seen this kind of skulks. Very unprofessional.

And REMEMBER to eat those resource towers pls!


  • Date: 28/06/2006
  • Source: www.levitacus.com
  • Written by: Invasion
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