Learn how to Fade

Learn how to Fade

Fading is pretty hard. Many less skilled players think that it`s like impossible to kill a fade. Well, that`s not true. Fade is actually very weak lifeform if marines can shoot a bit. Fade could be a godlike creature in a newb vs newb clans, but it`s not in a little more advanced clanwars. Fading is all about HIT and RUN. Do not try to swipe the marine until it dies. Blink away after 1 or 2 swipes and then come back if you think you have enough health left. 200 HP is not much and if you have this amount of HP, go back to your hive for healing or locate the nearest gorge possible. 


You have 50 res and you start evolving fade. First thing you do is to go to protect the second hive your team is building. If there is any marines kill them. If there is not marines, scout the corridors and ventilations leading to your second hive. Fade and lerk are the most important scouts. Many marines try to build sneak phase gates to your hives. That is unacceptable. That must not happen when YOU are fading or lerking. Sometimes marines try to siege hives. It`s very important that you don`t rush in swiping like a psycho. Killing siegeing marines is co-operation with many lifeforms. Lerk must be sporeing marines all the time, gorges must spit and skulks rush in in groups. If there is enough spit `n` spore shit, marines can`t see shit. There is your opportunity fade! Go in and try to kill marines from back. Remember, 1 or max 2 swipes and your mission is done. Go to heal and then do the same kind of attack. Remember to come from many directions. Do not come from a same corridor all the time. Be creative! When you are doing your attack, do it when somebody else is attacking too. For example, skulk is coming and marines start to shoot at it. Blink in and kill a marine that is not watching at you. He is watching the skulk! If there are just too many sieges and weapons for you and the hive is going down no matter how hard you work, ingore the 2nd hive and go for the marine base and their resource towers (leave the resource towers for skulks...). 


You must stay alive. Fading is not about getting 100 frags. It`s about scaring the shit out of marines. If marines manage to kill a fade, they gain a very good moralboost. At the same time your team could get a lack of moral. Fade is like a leader, a moralebooster.


Good fade consists of many features like scouting skills, acrobaetics and accuraticy. Bunnyhopping is very basic thing you have to learn. When you know how to bunnyhop with skulk, you can bunnyhop with fade aswell. When you are blinking, do not press the mouse1 button for a long time. If you do, you will lose much adrenaline. When you want to blink, just use jump and click the mouse, do not press it down. Many fades die when they are out of adrenaline. That must not happen. Keep on track how much adrenaline you have. It`s much more imporant thing than your health. After blinking, do not stop. Start bunnyhopping. Then you won`t lose your speed. If you know how to control your adrenaline properly, you know how to fade effective!! 


About upgrades with fade:


Movement chamber:

Celerity - This is the most useful upgrade for fade. Makes to fade really fast and effective in hit and run situations. Fast blinking fade is harder to kill than slowly walking fade. ^_^

Adrenaline - It was often used in previous versions, but it`s not used much these days. Some are still using it but I think it`s a not useful. It raises your adrenaline but doesn`t make you faster like celerity.

Silence - NINJA SUPER FADE. DO NOT ever take silence. If you do, your fade is wasted.


Sensory chamber:

Focus - It`s the best alternative of these three sensory upgrades. Very effective with celerity in hit and run situtations.

Scent of Fear - It`s good for lerks and gorges but it`s not good for fades. Lerks and gorges can always tell where the marines are so fade can take the focus insted of Sence of Fear.

Cloak - This is NOT for fading. Once again, if you take it, you are wasted!


Defence chamber:

Carapace - Very good choice for the fade. Makes your fade very hard to kill.

Regeneration - Good upgrade but not that good as carapace.

Redemption - Shit....



Date: 27/06/2006

Source: www.levitacus.com

Written by: Invasion


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