Learn how to Lerk

Learn how to Lerk 


Here is some things you should firstly know:


(1 hive) Spore: area effect poisonous gas that causes 7 damage per second to light armored marines. It is also good to cause mental pain to marines. What could be more annoying than a lerk sporeing all the time and you can`t kill it because it`s hiding all the time. 

(1 hive) Bite: little faster than a skulkbite but causes less damage per bite. 

(2 hives) Umbra: Area effect gas like spore but umbra makes gas shield that absorbs damage. Umbra is very useful when marines have heavy armored marines with shotgun / heavy machine gun. 

(3 hives) Primal Scream: nearly aliens gets damage and attack speed boost. 


Flying is the most important skill with lerk. Usually people just go straight through the marine and dies with the lerk in few minutes. So when you see the marine try to fly unpredictable. It means that use mouse to make swerves in the air. Best button for flying is definately space. Some people are still using mousewheel to fly but it doesn`t help you anymore. Mousewheel gave you a very high speed in previous versions but it has been fixed now. 


Lerk is an alien support creature, so play for your team. Don`t be greedy by taking all the frags yourself. If you know someone is going to fade in a few minutes try to take marines eyes on you so that skulk who will take the fade gets easy frag(s). If the skulk can`t kill the marine then you can kill it. Every frag for hive builder or straight fade will be awarded at the end of the round. That`s just for little more experienced lerks but if you are just a beginner you should stay in ventilations and use spore to damage armors of light armored marines. If you really want to kill the marines and you think camping in the ventilations are boring, make sure that the marine who`s against you is light armored with light machine gun. If you attack against marine with shotgun or heavy machine gun, you will get killed in a matter of time. If you managed to stay alive till the end, you will get onos almost the same time as marines gets heavy armors. There are many good lerks but most of them doesn`t understand that he/she could be more important alive than dead and they are playing too risky game by attacking shotgunners and/or heavy machineguns.


Movement Chamber

Celerity: The best upgrade for lerk. Then lerk is faster and that makes it harder to hit.

Silence: If you take this upgrade, your lerk is wasted.

Adrenaline: Good for beginners who stay in ventilations whole round.


Defence Chamber

Carapace: Good upgrade. Increases your armor. Shotguns can`t kill you with one single shot

Redemption: Again, if you take this your lerk is wasted.

Regeneration: Good upgrade when you have a new hive coming. Then gorges don`t have to focus on healing you.


Sensory Chamber

Cloaking: Once again, if you take this your lerk is wasted.

Scent of fear: Good upgrade. Marines can`t suprise you or your team if you scout.

Focus: If you really want to be a greedy killer, you can take this. 



Date: 28/06/2006

Source: www.levitacus.com

Written by: Scale

Scale on 28 June 06 03:59



Blank JarO | Team One

gj i will show that liza

12 August 2011, 20:20


Blank JarO | Team One

gj i will show that liza

12 August 2011, 20:20


Blank LiZo4ka | Team Two

fo jaro

12 August 2011, 20:29


Blank sublime

Scale teaches us how to fly into shotguns like a spastic

12 August 2011, 20:38


Blank koira

Silence cloack fade = win

13 August 2011, 02:05


Blank koira

Oh fuck me, i was talking about lerk, not fade. Then again silence cloak fade is also auto win

13 August 2011, 02:06


Blank bend0rrr | NewStyleD Return

silence / cloak is awesome, but only when u bite rts like the korean guy did

13 August 2011, 12:28

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