NS Dictionary

NS Dictionary

Many new players are often confused when people are saying, TAKE SG AND GO CC! Learning these takes time but it`s worth it if you want to become a good player. 


Marine Buildings: 

Commander Console = cc

Infantry Portal = ip

Phase Gate = pg

Arms Lab = arms

Proto Lab = proto

Observatory = obs

Turret Factory = tf

Resource Tower = rt


Marine Gear:

Light Machine Gun = lmg

Heavy Machine Gun = hmg

Shotgun = sg

Grenade Launcher = gl

Heavy Armor = ha

Jetpack = jp


Alien Buildings:

Resource Tower = rt

Movement Chamber = mc

Sensory Chamber = sc

Defence Chamber = dc

Offence Chamber = oc



Place with 2 resource tower nodes = double

Marine Start = ms


There are many other shortenings for different places in different maps, but they are very easy to conclude. If there is a place called Topography Analyses, it`s called topo. Lets take another example: Computer Core is computer or just cc and Fusion Reactor is fusion or just fus. Using minimap will help you trough this problem not remembering place`s names. Nothing happens in one day. It takes time to learn the maps. Learn to use minimap all the time.


If you don`t have a key for minimap, open your console from �-key and type "bind key +showmap".


People are sometimes whining about "reg". They are meaning that their bullets are not registering to aliens they are shooting at. Those bullets are going through and doesn`t make any damage. That`s one problem with Half-Life engine and very hard to fix. Whining about reg isn`t really smart, but some times it pisses you off.



Date: 28/06/2006

Source: www.levitacus.com

Written by: Invasion


Invasion on 28 June 06 03:50


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