Sanctions and Appeal updates & Season

Hello all,

Some updates on the latest changes:


Updates on 'Sanctions and Appeal Process'
The process can be found here: 'Sanctions and Appeal Process'.
Changing include:

  • Some clarifications on General provisions.
  • Updated gather rules after debate with the gather mods. Note that the intend is to recieve feedback from gather mods after this change is live. So in the medium to long term, other changes may go into affect.
  • The Ombudsman section was not clear enough. This has been updated & improved. Many things were not yet written down & have now been written down for clarity.


Server access changes:

The 'Contributors' should now have access to a small set of shine commands to more easily fulfil their roles.
Give the limited scope, there is no difference inbetween specific contributor members.

This will allow them to:

  • Change map
  • Reset the match
  • Enable server side cheats for testing.
  • sh_adminmenu.


Please update the match pages:

  • You wish to play but they are not responsive? Post it on the matchpage.
  • You have a agreed upon date? Post it on the matchpage.
  • Any issue? Post it on the matchpage.

Admin team will keep an eye out for issues reported in other methods, but please remember the rules state the matchpage is what counts.


As a reminder we shall also repeat some things from last newspost:

lease make sure to contact the team you are meant to play against in the respective week in time, so you can schedule your match in that week.
Once that is done, please contact a referee so they can update your pre-scheduled match with the date and time, and of course referee your match.
Referees can be found under Staff > Referee.

Season 17 will play Summit of the current build 334.


Happy games!

DCDarkling on 10 October 20 19:32


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