How to Play NS1 Gathers in 2018

FIRST Check The NS1 Gather Community Discord Server for Updates:


How to install Half Life and the Natural Selection 1 mod:
1. Install Half-Life from Steam, assuming you have it purchased (10-20e)
2. Get NS1 Installer: 


After this if there are no new Informations in the NS1 Community Discord:

Recover a ENSL Account:


Register a ENSL Account:

(and log in with it to:)

Join the Latest Gather:

(What you require Teamspeak 3 for:)

Install Teamspeak 3:


Then Idle in the Channel:

(Till the Gather Music Starts where you have to vote for Captains and a Server)


Advanced settings:

Good launch options: 
-freq 144 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms 
Should fix also "weird feeling mouse" issue!


How to achieve over 60fps: 
Create userconfig.cfg in your ns-folder or just put it in console (E.g. C:\steamgames\steamapps\common\Half-Life\ns)
and add these lines to it:

gl_vsync "0" 
fps_override "1" 
fps_max "200" //above 125fps makes lmg/hmg shoot faster


"good rate settings" (dunno are they good but better than defaults):


rate "20000" 
cl_updaterate "102" 
cl_cmdrate "130" //5 over your fps ex_interp "0.08"

Mega on 02 April 18 23:24


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