Hierarchy, Requirements, Duties of all Admins


Executive Admin – Responsible for oversight of the entire Organization. Manages the League Admin, Website Admin and Communications Admin. Responsible for corporate governance of the Organization. Official Organizational liaison to UWE. Has final say in any decision which is presented to him.


League Admin—Responsible for overall league management. Will be tasked with overseeing tournaments and contests, defining their rules, prizes and conditions. Manages casters and referees for the season. Also oversees the Event Team and Competitive Balance Team.


Communications Admin— Responsible for structuring the channels/threads on the NSL communication outlets, such as the website forums, Steam discussions, Reddit, Discord, and TeamSpeak.


League Ombudsman- Responsible for handling of confidential reports regarding Code of Conduct violations by Admins. If evidence is found to be sufficient and accurate, this information is sent to relevant parties to begin a termination hearing.


Competitive Balance Team—A group of 3-6 experienced players who provide feedback on proposed balanced changes. These players should be vetted by the League Admin and maintain a high understanding of NS2 6v6 play environment. Players on this team must still be interested in playing NS2 and testing proposed changes.


League Official and Event Team—A team responsible for assisting with the setup of special events and tournaments. They will help the League Admin draft rules, arrange schedules, etc. Not necessarily a closed group.


Referees—Referees are players who will spectate and officiate matches. They will be required to be familiar with the Organization’s rules, adhere to the Organization’s code of conduct and maintain an apolitical stance when performing in their role. Referees have absolute power within the game they are officiating and can render a forfeit, rematch, etc, depending on the rules which were violated. Appeals would be sent to the League Admin.


Casters—Casters are players who will spectate and shoutcast matches live on a streaming platform. Casters must adhere to the Organization’s code of conduct. Certain casters may be given stream keys to special channels such as NS2’s official Twitch—these casters will be selected on a case by case basis, and will be chosen + confirmed by the Executive Admin and Communications Admin.


External Personnel—These members are people not directly associated with the Organization, but are active in efforts to help. It can include people such as modders, mappers, etc. All of these personnel should be in direct contact with the Executive Admin. While some may directly communicate with the League Admin or Executive Admin as well, the reasoning to make the Communications Admin the POC for this is to not overload the League Admin with too many responsible parties.


Liaisons—Liaisons are members of external organizations wishing to keep a point of contact with the Organization. These members will communicate directly with the Executive Admin, who can direct them elsewhere if needed.


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