How to request a password reset

Recently quite a few people are overwhelmed with resetting their passwords. To bring some clarity into the matter here is a guide on how to do it.

When requesting a password reset there is 2 basic situations to begin with.

  1.  You do have access to the email account registered in your profile.
  2.  You don't have access to the email account or put a nonexistent email adress.

The first one is quite simple:

  1. Use password reset page, it will send an email, check spam folder.
  2. Log in with the given password and change it.

The second one is a bit harder to handle:

  1. with the steam account identified by the steamid you registered with add an admin as friend on steam
  2. make sure it's actually an admin and not just some webmaster or website contributor
  3. ask for a password reset via steam private message
  4. make sure to mention your account name
  5. get a new password from the admin
  6. log in and change it
Absurdon on 04 October 17 12:37


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