Gather Mods, Requirements and Duties (outdated)

  1. Motivate people to join Gathers and invite even more people.

  2. Show a willingness to always improve Gathers.

  3. Try to solve problems in Gathers (in the following priority order)


A.) According to the rules.

B.) As least Gather delays as possible.

C.) As fair as possible for everyone.

D.) Have the highest quality Gathers as possible running.


  1. Make Gathers fun for everyone involved.

  2. Be active in the ENSL Discord

  3. Keep the communication with the Coders/Admins/Moderators etc intact to improve TS3, Gatherpage, Gather Process etc...

  4. Something else ?

You can suggest a change/adjustment rework of these Requirements/Duties please leave a Comment here and/or correct it directly in the Google doc with the comment function here:


Want to Become Gather Moderator Apply here:

Mega on 19 May 17 12:47


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