Teams Calendars

This is a Calendar overview of the active Teams to organising their players and based of that PCWs/Matches/Trainings with other Teams.

These calendars update automaticaly every 5 Minutes.



How to Schedule with this:


Get in Contact with the Other Team Leaders over Steam by adding them through the Ensl website.

1) Look on the Calendar top Left whos you need to Talk to and then.

2) click on the Teams name open his profile click on "Search for Steamid" and add him over Steam.



Schedule over Season X Discord: (public/private chat)



Always keep your Teams Calendar updated.


Thats what is only visible to your team to organise your team better:





 AND Thats what is also going to be visible here (and to your Team on the calendar):









 Tactical Retreat












Heidis Bergziegen















 Seize & Decyst












Tilt Patrol






Team Matrix

Mega on 01 March 17 07:52



Blank Mega | pubstars

If you want your Calendar too and be part of an easier Time for everyone with scheduling

Contact Mega anywhere here:
-write me on Discord: NSL Discord: (public/private chat)
Season X Discord: (public/private chat)
-write me on Steam:
-You can also choose the contact form by clicking [Users]>>Contact on the top right of the frontpage. (private)

Look at a Full preview of these Calendars here:

1 March 2017, 14:50


Blank Mega | pubstars

I made some updates to all the Spreadsheets:
- the Color formatting got optimized means far less input-lagg. (Thanks to DcDarkling)
- You can now chose the timezone you want on the Cells A3 to A8.
(just be sure that the Values are "A5 lessthen A6 lessthen A7 lessthen A8" or contact me to adjust the cells B5 to B8)

- A tutorial that explains the thing (and introduce it to everyone)
- Find a easy way to hop 2 weeks ahead on the calendar dates. (in the best case automatic in the worst copy and paste work)
- A chat possibility integration (discord iframe ?, Steam? suggestions are welcome)
- Send everyone the link to this.

3 March 2017, 16:47

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