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30 June 2013
19 February 2015 - 09:41 CET
Such a nice fresh forum - like a new layer of snow fallen over night, untouched by any...

Damnit! Mega beat me to it.

Ok, this one is a classic by now, I guess, but maybe there are some newer players out there, who don't know it, already:

The Tutorials by ISE Gaming

The recognition goes to ItsSuperEffective of course. Thanks man :)
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28 September 2009
19 February 2015 - 16:02 CET
these are some good tutorials but some are totaly outdated for example with skulk 25, 50, or 75 dmg.

I made some descibition to some of the still pretty accurate videos:

I had it in the Forums as:

[Marine] Wepons handlings
how to use which wepon

The Rifle:


Video conclusion:
0:42-2:07 Dont move backwards while fireing, instead strafe left right while keep the mouse focused on target

2:08-3:19 Rifle dash (canels reload) so only use when you know the skulk is low and/or you have no ammo left and the skulk is coming at you (might want to prefer ur pistol inb4 or your axe/welder if they still have health)

3:10-4:17 Marine positing (how to cover your teammate) that you allways have to keep ur marine with 1 skulk length sidewards in line of sight

The Shotgun:


Video conclusion:
1:03-1:15 Allways stay in strafe movment and Aim with the Shotgun only when you need to fire and try to make presice shots no mouse1 downholding.

1:17-2:01 Predict where the enemy is going next and what he wants to attack
2:01-2:18 Make distance to the target with strafejumping away change ur movment rapidly

2:19-2:34 try to strafejump away like the enemy moves/jumps shot them right when they going down from a jump.

2:35-3:09 [A snapshot] is a shot where the enemy could be next for that imagine the postions where he could be and then quickly shot this position if he is on that postion.

3:10- Escape without running and turn back to fire like all 2 seconds, allways bring ur self in good postions

3:37-3:58 [Quick enemys]: [Try not to let him spin you in circles] try to spin and strafe in the opposite direction that gives you more room and more overview also try to keep distance to your near marines

3:59- [JP/SG]: you can close distance quickly so you can escape targets even backwards and even more important you can chase lifeforms by escaping what you gotta do when your sure you can kill em.
(on the hunt situation watch out for alien friends that kill you while hunting lifeforms you gotta judge fast if its worth to lose a jp/sg to kill an lifeform or better backup and kill the lifeform support.)

The Pistol:


Video conclusion:
0:38-1:19 [Pistols fire as fast as you can click] Light damage Lv0 25 lv1 28 Lv2 30 Lv3 33 damage so more damage then rifle bullets.

1:20-5:20 [Pistol Zhipping} when you see an small target like skulk hydra lerk sitting still or an target that is distracted or cant escape like in an vent also watch out that no geometry is blocking ur shots.

5:20-7:09 [Aim over Speed] try to predict the movment and increase or decrease ur firerate so that you most likeley allways hit.

7:10-10:42 [Know ur Remaining Shots] try to switch to the pistol (with key 2) when your having 1 bullet left

The probly outdated part of this video:

10:42-11:40 [Droping Guns worth the speedgain?] personaly i think to its not worth the speedgain to lose possibilty to switch to other wepons.
but if you need to be quick do it in that direction on running:
1. mines welder (they dont weight anything)
2. axe

Here an old overview about wepon weights.
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