1. Cup is open for all countries. If you sign up, turn up and follow rules.
  2. Cup begins with three-week group stage and continues according to the brackets.
  3. After the group stage, the order of teams will be determined by ..
    1. Number of rounds won
    2. Number of wins, draws and losses
    3. Tiebreaker
  4. Matches should be scheduled every week. Default time is Sunday 20CEST.
  5. Forfeit points can only be acquired if the match was scheduled.
  6. Inactive teams may be dropped out.


  1. 1st week: ns_origin, ns_eclipse
  2. 2nd week: ns_veil, ns_orbital_anslv2
  3. 3rd week: ns_metal,ns_tanith
  4. 4th week: ns_orbital_anslv2, ns_eclipse (tiebreaker: ns_veil, co_faceoff)
  5. Semi-Finals: ns_origin, ns_tanith (tiebreaker: ns_veil, co_pulse)
  6. Finals: maps choosed by teams (tiebreaker : ns_veil, ns_metal, ns_eclipse, ns_origin, ns_tanith (skip map if choosed by a team )
  7. Make sure you have ns_orbital_anslv2.

--Match Rules--

  1. Leaders should follow the brackets and contact their opponent and admin in advance.
  2. Section 5 of ENSL Rules is to be used to decide a server.
    1. Server should have ENSL Official Settings.
    2. An admin or referee should be contacted to set up HLTV.
    3. "Euro server" rule is not working in nation cup.
  3. Section 7 of ENSL Rules is to be followed during a match
  4. Leaders should inform the admins as soon as the match has been played.

--Combat Rules--

  1. In case when first ns_ tie-breaker didn't determine the winner the co_ tie-breaker will be played.
  2. Combat will have 15 minute timelimit. Both alien and marine rounds will be played.
  3. Combat will be 6vs6 by default but an admin can accept smaller teams.
  4. In case of a marine tie, the winner is decided by the fastest marine round.
  5. In case of an alien tie, the winner is decided by the fastest alien round.
  6. In case of a timeout draw, the winner is the team with most alien frags.
  7. Do not F4 in the combat unless you want to lose frags.
  8. Illegal Marine Upgrades: Jetpack and Heavy Armor
  9. Illegal Alien Upgrades: Primal Scream, Xenocide, Web, Focus and Onos

--Player Rules--

  1. Players must have a valid SteamID on ENSL website and listed in sign-up topic.
  2. Players must behave properly towards staff and other players.
  3. Each player is allowed to play only in one team.
  4. Players can't change their team during the cup.
  5. Any problems conserning players will be dealt individualy.
  6. The deadline to add new players to the teams is 3.05.2009.
  7. Each player must have a stable ping below 300ms.
  8. Min. Rate 10000-25000; cl_updaterate 40-150; cl_cmdrate 50-150
  9. Cheating (3rd party programs affecting NS) is strictly prohibited.


  1. The plugin should protect against basic exploits
  2. Exploiting of map bugs (eg. building inside walls) is punished by disqualification.

Before enforcing any of the rules, contact an admin. Rules are not over detailed to not make them overly complex. Admin is there to make the final decision. In case of lack of rules, ENSL Rules can be used as an addendum.

All times on the website are currently in CEST (GMT+2). This might be useful (select Denmark - Copenhagen).