As the cup proceeds, this page will updated with the time, date and HLTV info of the matches. HLTV's will be announced on #ensl in Quakenet aswell.

Stage 1

  • Australia vs Russia: 0-2 (Demos)
  • Canada vs France : 1-3 (Demos)
  • Denmark vs UK : 1-3 (Demos)
  • Spain vs Ireland : Forfeit Loss to Ireland

Stage 2

  • Russia vs Germany: 0-2 (Demos)
  • France vs USA: Forfeit Loss to USA
  • UK vs Netherlands: 3-1 (Demos)
  • Finland vs Spain: 2-0 (Demos)

Stage 3

  • France vs Germany: 1-3 (Demos)
  • Finland vs UK: 3-1 (Demos)



The following HLTV's will be used.

Demos will be uploaded here.


Shoutcast, which is done for Semi-Finals and Finals is available on: