1. Nations Cup is open for all nations. If you sign up, turn up.
  2. Each team is required to be able to play atleast one match on each of these dates:
    • Saturday 21st April, 18CEST
    • Sunday 22nd April, 18CEST
    • Saturday 28th April, 18CEST
    • Sunday 29th April, 18CEST
  3. By default all stages except finals will have 1 map. Finals will have 2 maps.
  4. In case of draw, the map of the next stages are played in order until a team wins both rounds.


  1. Stages (one map per stage is played by default):
    1. stage: ns_metal
    2. stage: ns_origin
    3. stage: ns_veil
  2. Finals will have ns_tanith and ns_eclipse
  3. Teams can play another map from the mapcycle above, but only if both teams agree

Match Rules

  1. Team leaders should follow the bracket and schedule pages and..
    1. Contact their next opponent in advance
    2. Decide a server together. In disagreement, consult an admin.
    3. Request an admin to setup a HLTV.
  2. If 15mins after a match date, either team lacks players, an admin is to be called
    • The admin then waits for 5mins and a team lacking players receives a forfeit loss
  3. Servers admins should run ENSL rcon file which forces these settings.
  4. CAL-plugin is recommended but not mandatory. Screenshots have to available then for 7 days.
  5. Team leaders should inform the admins as soon as the match has been played.

Player Rules

  1. Behave properly towards staff and other players.
  2. Min. Rate 7000-25000; cl_updaterate 35-101; cl_cmdrate 35-101
  3. Each player is allowed to play only in one team
  4. Each player must have a stable ping below 180ms.
  5. Using 3rd party program affecting ns results in a ban and disqualification of the team in question.
Before enforcing any of the rules, contact an admin.

All times on the website are currently in CEST (GMT+2). This might be useful (select Denmark - Copenhagen).